Voshon Platt Internment Camp essay

S doing this beck cause, the united States broke many of their rights as U. S citizens like their right of freedom fro m vacant searches, freedom of speech, freedom of press, and right to equal protection under the saws were all broken by the United States, and their treatment in the camps were and quote “similar r” to the Jews treatment in the Concentration camps.

The United States was not justified in placing Supernumeraries in internee NT camps because they didn’t have a valid reason to place them in the treatment camps . To most a legal united States citizen have their rights like freedom from vacant searches, free doom of voicing, and the right to equal protection under the laws that are obligated to every cit Zen were broken.

Some examples of the laws and indecent acts that were broken were, forcing the Supernumeraries into the internment camps giving up all of their rights of f redeem including their homes properties and were left nothing that would relate them to the U. S. Also the govern meet didn’t give the Supernumeraries any decision on whether they wanted to leave and go to the camps or stay this means that the U. S took away their right of FRR demo of speech.

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