Unit Task essay

Carpal’s next door neighbor Cheerful also helps her with some simple day to day tasks as she does her shopping for her as she can’t manage do this herself since she had a stroke. But she did not give Carla her change back from her shopping money, so Carla confronted Cheerful and told her she was aware she wasn’t given her correct change from her shopping money, so she didn’t want her to do her shopping anymore.

Carla was suffering financial abuse from her neighbor someone who she thought she could trust and was doing her a favor, Because Carla had a supportive relationship with her support worker this helped stop the abuse that she was suffering, and because Carla was able to explain to her support worker what has went on the support worker was able to take immediate action, She had a very trust worthy relationship with her purport worker and felt confident enough to tell her about the situation with her neighbor Cheerful knowing that something would be done about it.

If Carla didn’t have a supportive relationship with her support worker this abuse may of carried on as Carla may have become isolated as she has no other friends or family members who she trust to report this too, but because she had a good healthy supportive relationship with her support it give Carla the confidence to speak out about her problems. Denial is a young man he is 20 year old, and has recently served 12 month sentence for drug dealing so he as been told he has to live in a hostel since he has recently been released from jail.

He has a support worker called Dave who is one of the hostel workers and he is currently having support lessons to help him get back on the right track in life. Denial is aware that he went to a bad place in his life and got in with the wrong group of people which led him to a life of crime and now he has done his time and feels he is a changed man he wants to get back to his normal life, find work and stay out of trouble. He wants to stay away from the older group of friends who he use to look up to as role models and SE to spend all of his time with before he went to jail, the older men bullied and influenced Denial into drug dealing.

As Denial was bullied by an older group of men who he thought where his friends he could have suffered from emotional, physical or psychological abuse. Denial could of suffered physical abuse as he may not wanted to sell drugs and they may of forced him to by using physical force towards him if he refused to do what the older men told him to do, He may have been hit or tortured until he agreed to sell the drugs. He could have also suffered from physiological and emotional abuse by the allies as they could have threatened to hurt his friends & family members if he didn’t do what they told him too.

Now that Denial has developed a supportive relationship with his care worker Dave he is able to receive all the support he needs to get to the place he wants to be in life, as he now feels confident to share his feelings/concerns with Dave so he always has someone there to talk and to keep him motivated when times get hard. Denial would of probably went straight back to a life of crime if he didn’t have the support of Dave and the other hostel workers. Raffia is 30 Years old, and has learning faculties. She attends a day care centre four times a week, Raffia has always been a happy and bubbly individual.

But lately her support worker Clare has noticed she has become very isolated and withdrawn and is not her normal bright and cheerful self. Things that usually interest Raffia don’t, she doesn’t seem to interact much at all with the other service users and her day care centre and usually she is one of the more interactive service users who always gets involved with activists. It is suspected that a male may be bothering her, Clare is going to have a chat with her and believes that her allegations will enable Raffia to tell her why she has changed.

Raffia could of suffered several different types of abuse as she has suddenly become very withdrawn and isn’t herself at all. I think Raffia has been suffering from emotional abuse or bullying from another service user at the day care centre because she has no marks on her body to make us think she has suffered from physical or sexual abuse. Raffia may have been bullied whilst attending the day care centre and been called names to make her feel like she doesn’t fit in which could result in her feeling isolated, withdrawn and afraid.

But because she has a supportive relationship with her support worker this has allowed her support worker to notice a change in her normal behavior which will make her observe Raffia’s behavior more closely to see what the problem is, since she has a good trust worthy relationship with her support worker she can share her problems and worries straight away instead of bottling things up, allowing things to get worse over time, because she has this sort of relationship it allows her to have the confidence to speak up about what has gone on so that the abuse can be stopped immediately.

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