Unit Safeguarding essay

Signs of physical abuse can be unusual shaped markings, sores, bruising and unexplained regular falls and injuries in unusual areas of the body. Dramatic and unusual changes in behavior like fear, depression and lack of confidence also loss of weight and unexplained changes in their health. SEXUAL ABUSE Sexual abuse can be inappropriate touching of the body, sexual assault, rape or any sexual acts that the person has not consented to. It can also mean non-contact abuse i. E. Being involved in the reading or watching of pornography and voyeurism, spying and watching people who maybe undressing who are not aware they are being watched.

Signs of this can be unusual changes in behavior, anxiety, depression, not wanting to be touched and showing nervous or aggressive behavior. Changes in health can also be a sign especially, loss of weight, appetite and changes in physical health such as soreness or infections especially in the genital area. ACTIONS DISCRIMINATORY Being discriminatory towards someone can be being resist or not understanding an individual’s religion, race, country of origin, physical or mental disabilities and there individual rights and wishes. Symptoms of this can be anxiety and dispersion, showing frustration such as fear and anger.

It can cause withdraw and low self-esteem making them feel that that there individual wishes can be met and there disability is not accepted. ACTIONS INSTITUTIONAL ABUSE Institutional abuse is how and where there care is delivered. Not having sufficient facilities and staff to provide good care standards, not understanding and carrying out individual needs and routines with insufficient care plans. Bad record keeping poorly trained staff and not following legislation, policies, and best care practice according to ICQ standards. Signs of this can be the neglect of the client with poor personal are and respect.

There choices and decisions are not being respected and there is an insufficient or no care plan in place. The client will may show signs of anxiety, depression, agitation and aggressive behavior because routines are not followed. A history of recurring poor health because they are not monitored or care for properly. ‘ ACTIONS FINANCIAL ABUSE Financial abuse involves the improper, illegal or unauthorized use of an individual’s money or possessions for the benefit of another. Signs of this can be insufficient money for food, clothing and other needs resulting in possible or health and well-being.

Unpaid bills or final demands for debt, unexplained withdraws or loss of money and the lack of cooperation from the power of attorney. ACTIONS PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE Emotional and psychological abuse can be verbal abuse, threats of harm, intimidation and threats of abandonment and causing isolation. This can be from an individual or groups but can also be authorities who support individuals in the community, withdrawing or being withdrawer from providing there services. The person involved may be withdrawn and depressed.

They may become so isolated that they fearful of contact with there and unable to speak out and will be scared of the abuser. They may start neglecting themselves showing lack of eating and loss of weight and may a have Increased urinary or fecal incontinence. A dramatic change in behavior may cause them to be confused knowing what is right and willingness to talk. ACTIONS SELF NEGLECT Self-neglect is a behavioral condition in which an individual neglects to attend to their basic needs, such as personal hygiene, appropriate clothing, feeding, or tending appropriately to any medical Conditions they have.

A person in self neglect may show lack of personal care, dirty clothing, Inadequate or inappropriate clothing and lack Of hygiene in their home. They could be suffering from depression or have otter medical needs that could be causing them to act like this. ACTIONS NEGLECT BY OTHERS Neglect is the persistent failure to meet an individual’s basic physical and/or psychological needs, likely to result in serious impairment of the individual’s health or development, such as failing to provide adequate food, shelter and clothing.

Absence of food, heat, hygiene, clothing, comfort. Preventing client to have access to services. Isolation. Absence of prescribed medication. This could also be classed as psychological and physical abuse. Question: 1. 3 There are many factors to consider that may contribute someone being abused, it may be there medical condition prevents them from being aware of the abuse and lack mental capacity, such as a mental illness and forms of dementia which prevent them of having any control and being isolated.

Other factors could be the individual who is caring for them, this may be a family member or friend who are stressed and can’t cope with the situation and may have a history of abuse themselves. This could also be a reflections care who is not trained properly or may be under pressure at work. Question: 2. 1 f you have a suspicion that abuse is taking place it should be reported appropriate person i. E. Your manager or supervisor if you are working in a care setting. All information should be recorded in detail and using specified paperwork also following policies and procedures that are in place.

You may not work in a care setting and have suspicions of abuse and in this case there agencies and other bodies that can be contacted such as Safe Guarding and ICQ. Question: 2. 2 If an individual alleges abuse, every allegation should be taken seriously and should not be judged of what they are saying and reassuring them at all times. All information should be precisely recorded; your manager must be informed and identify any steps that need to be taken in the investigation of what has happened. Question: 2. 3 When there are allegations or evidence of abuse it should be documented and preserved correctly.

When writing your report, make sure dates and times are recorded. Make sure any other conversations, telephone conversations are recorded. You must make sure written evidence are kept in safe place and only accessible to individuals that have the authority. If you come across a situation where abuse has taken place the scene and evidence must be preserved, do not tidy up or throw away anything, don’t touch anything unless you have to and in a case of sexual or physical abuse, try to discourage them from washing until an authoritative body is present.

Question: 3. 1 Whistle Blowing Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 Disclosure Baring Service (DB’S) No secrets act Care Quality Commission (ICQ) Question: 3. 2 There are different agencies and bodies that are In place when it comes to fee guarding and abuse. Social Services/ social services are In place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of service users and will work alongside the Safeguarding Team who also a part of social services in a case of abuse.

Local Council/ They provide services to the vulnerable and ensure quality care, they can provide extra safe services to an individual or a multiple cases of abuse. Police/ The police service provide investigations in to crimes of abuse, violence, theft and other crimes. Disclosure Baring Service (DB’S)/ A DB’S is a criminal record check who work alongside the police to identify any convictions an individual might have and identify if they are a risk when working with vulnerable clients.

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