Othello Summative Essay essay

This allows it to seem ore true to life and easier to relate to, especially for, dare I say it again,… socks! Though this modern adoption abandons Shakespearean original language and setting, it follows the Bard’s story line, scene by scene and character by character. The movie takes place at Palmetto Grove Academy, an elite coed prep high school in South Carolina. The title character is Odin, or O, a basketball star and an athletic scholarship recruit. Odin is the school’s only African American student.

The basketball coach is named Duke Colluding. His son Hugo, the Ago figure, is jealous of Odin because his dad, the coach, pays ore attention to Odin. Hugo is sadly addicted to steroids. He schemes to do O in by any means necessary. Hog’s scheming includes lying about Din’s relationship with Ides, the Desman figure, who just happens to be the Dean Bob rabble’s daughter. “White girls are snakes, brow,” Hugo whispers to Odin. Hog’s jealous schemes will in the end lead to violence and death. Shakespearean Ordering is now Co’s Roger.

He is a disturbed rich kid and also jealous of Din’s starring role on the basketball court. Roger thinks he would be a better boyfriend to Ides, and just like the others, is easily influenced by Hugo. Cassia is Michael. Michael is another sock basketball player and is friends with Odin and Ides. Email is Emily. She is Deed’s best friend and Hog’s girlfriend. The film starts with Odin winning a basketball game with a last minute shot. Later Odin receives the MAP award from Coach Duke and shares it with Michael.

At a party celebrating the victory, Hugo plans with Roger to tell Deed’s father that Odin has raped her. Later after another victory celebration party, because high school kids like to party, Hugo gets Roger to fight a drunken Michael. Michael gets suspended from the team. Hugo tells Michael he should talk with Ides who in turn might ask Odin to help Michael get back on the team. Then Hugo tells Odin that his white snakes girlfriend is playing him for Michael. Odin doesn’t believe it at first but soon will.

Hugo gets Emily to steal for him a scarf Odin has given to Ides. Hugo then gives the scarf to Michael. This makes Odin now believe Ides gave the scarf to Michael. Odin goes ballistic and wants to kill Ides. Hugo tells Odin he will kill Michael. Hugo, with Odin and Roger, make a plan to kill them both. Hugo and Roger attempt to kill Michael with a fake carjacking, but the plan doesn’t work. Hugo its Michael with a crowbar knocking him out. Roger then shoots Michael in the leg, but then Hugo turns the gun on Roger and kills him.

Odin meets with Ides and pretends to make up with her but then strangles her. Emily just then rushes into the room and sees Deed’s deed body. She soon finds out what her boyfriend Hugo has done and tells Odin that Hugo had her steal the scarf. Hugo tells her to shut her mouth, but she refuses, so he shoots her. Odin finally realizes what Hugo has done and tells the police and then commits suicide. The movie ends with Hugo being taken away by police with Hugo saying that he will have his day in the spotlight.

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