Individual Assignment essay

The first thing that would tell Dimmit is to not panic and that between the two of us we should be able to come up with a way to figure this out. Would then tell him that he should have his colleague address the problem with the three executive users and their email to keep them from harassing him while trying to get the rest of the things figured out and because it is one of the quicker problems to address and correct. I would then tell Dimmit that he needs to dress the workstations in the Marketing Department and get the virus handled so that is does not affect anyone else.

There could be some down time while this is being fixed, but better to have some down time then to have to all of the other computers with viruses to fix as well. When Demerit’s colleague completed helping the executive users with the email problem, would have Dimmit tell his colleague to fix the network printer in the Accounting department at the Boston headquarters so that they could get heir print jobs completed and out by noon.

Hopefully, by this time the virus situation would be solved and everything back to normal. I would then instruct Dimmit that he and his colleague should work together to get the Albany, New York location’s network back up and running because you might need to sets of hands to be able to get the job done that much faster.

Once that job is completed, I would tell Dimmit that they should tackle the WAN link hat is down between Washington and New York causing the server to be re- routed from Washington to Boston and then to New York so that the down time would be decreased greatly and it could be up and running in no time at all. Hopefully, before they got to the WAN link his other colleague that was running late would be there so that they could help fix the problem with them to decrease the time that it will take to fix the link and get it running faster.

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