Bloody Boat People essay

The realistic drawing of the two Aboriginal men with angry expression on their face towards the oat arriving near to their land and also the use of irony and evocative use of language, are deliberately employed to help conveys Reuben Brands point of view. The cartoonist wanted to create feelings Of Aboriginals through the use Of visual language features. The target group of the author seems to be the Australian government because the flag they have in the boat the two men standing in the land with angry face displays that they don’t want them to come to their land.

The cartoonist normally reveals their subjects by using the roadies but in here he makes it more realistic by displaying the Aboriginal men with irritated face holding spade which actually shows how much they care for their land and they don’t want to anyone to change lifestyle. However, the pointed index finger toward and holding spade on other hand reveals another story that they Will attack them and get back their land. Those men seem to be agreeing to each other and stick up like a solider to get their mother land back to them.

The vocabulary chosen in the caption supports the irony of the situation. The caption, “l am sick of these bloody boat people! They come to OUr country, disrespect our way of life! Take our jobs! Take our land! Disrespect our laws! Form criminal gangs! Deal drugs to our kids! They don’t assimilate into our communities and they don’t even bother trying to learn our language! ” this seems to be simple but displays they are really infuriated with them. Brand had used the wordings artless but those words clearly depicts they don’t ant any of them to come to their land again.

The significant point is those people taking their land being disrespectful to them which should be stopped. Brand’s is trying to prove they don’t treat them well because the boat people gives the kids drugs they form criminal gangs this all shows that the life they have now is terrible. The words reveal that they lose their freedom they used to have in their life.

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