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Ten days later, Corporate Properties closes a sale on the building without Bobbie-Ann.’s participation. Bobbie-Ann files a suit against Corporate Properties for the amount of her commission. In whose favor is the court likely to rule, and why? ANSWER: The court is likely to issue a judgment in Bobbie-Ann.’s favor on the Asia that the parties in this situation had agreed to a unilateral contract. The court would likely reason that Bobbie-Ann had begun performance under this contract by putting up the signs, placing the ads, and featuring a tour of the building on the Internet.

Under the present-day view of unilateral contracts, once a party to such a contract has begun performance, the other party cannot legitimately revoke or otherwise cancel the deal. Thus, Corporate Properties’ attempted revocation in this problem-?which was probably based on a desire to avoid paying a commission to Bobbie-Ann-?would constitute a reach of its contract with Bobbie-Ann, and Corporate Properties would owe Bobbie-Ann her commission even though Bobbie-Ann did not participate in the closing of the sale on the property.

The problem does not mention whether Bobbie-Ann found the buyer, but Corporate Properties would most likely be liable for the payment of the commission under the terms of the contract with Bobbie-Ann even if Corporate Properties found the buyer herself. PAGES: Section 2 BOSPORUS: Reflective CPA: db-Decision Modeling 2. Business Solutions Corporation (BBS) sells business application software-?wage, price, and inventory coordinating programs, for example-?in efferent combinations and packages, at different prices, downloaded online.

To complete a deal, a purchaser clicks on a button that, with reference to certain terms, states, “l agree. ” What is this sort of agreement called? Do the parties have a binding, enforceable contract that includes the terms? Explain. ANSWER: This is a click-on agreement, which occurs when a buyer, to complete a transaction on a computer, indicates his or her assent to be bound by the terms of an offer by clicking on a button that says, for example, “l assent,” or, in this question, “l agree.

Learning Team Reflection essay

Production Costs and Revenue Marginal Production Costs and Revenues are areas that are common in many hypes of businesses and markets. Throughout my limited years of experience, have become aware and intimate with managing costs and revenues through driving production though efficiency and productivity. Both of these figures are influenced by the supply and demand curves through market prices as well as through material supply costs. The idea is to keep costs covered through production as early as possible in order to maximize profit through the revenue brought in via market demand and prices.

Where the Average Total Revenue and the Average Total Costs equal out, is the reawaken point for production, meaning that overhead and supply costs are met at that point and producing more products will help yield more profit in general. Monopolistic Competition Our text describes monopolistic competition is characterized by the following: Relatively large number of sellers ; differentiated products promoted by heavy advertisements ; easy entry and exit from industry Monopolistic competitive industries are much more competitive than they are monopolistic.

Monopolistic competition is derived Of moderately large firms, as monopolistic competition involves: ; small market share void of collusion ; independent action Monopolistic firms so not utilize standardized products, and instead use product differentiation. This is achieved through variation of products enabling customer service, provision of location, or through unique qualities real or imagined. So the major drivers are product attributes, services, and location.

The monopolistic competitive firm maximizes its profit, or minimizes its loss in the short run, and in the long run it will enter a profitable unapologetically competitive industry and leave an unprofitable one. This information is beneficial in understanding business actions, protocols, and trends, which is a large part of the analysis process and enable better business comprehension. Innovation and Technology One learning team member, Version felt comfortable with multiple topics discussed this week. The two topics that stood out the most to her were Innovation and Technology.

She found the topic of invention the most fascinating between the two because it allows people to be creative and to conjure up an idea, invention, and creation in their mind. This creativity involves the person’s though process so intensely, because they have to experiment with this idea and continually develop and change it until it is in a marketable state. She believes that she is not the only one who is intrigued by innovative creativity and that society is interested as well or shows such as Shark Tank would not exist today.

This television shows primary basis is on the inventions others and whether or not their innovative products could be a profitable item on the market, both to consumers and to investors. Inventors from all over the world have the opportunity to present their invention to a panel of entrepreneurs/potential investors who have the power and the none to make their Idea into a reality. The chapter on innovation was very easy to follow and it provided a deeper insight on how businesses stay profitable and viable in an ever-changing market and society.

Another topic to grasp Version’s attention was the Technological Advance and Efficiency section covered in the chapter. The class as a whole has discussed the effect that technology has on society. That technology is forever changing not only in modern creativity but also in the way society actually functions. Currently businesses would probably fail to function if the internet as not as readily accessible as it is now. Companies have switched over from hard copy filing systems to electronic databases. Everything is typed into a computer versus written by hand.

If one really sits down and think about it, even one’s physical signature is becoming meaningless, we now have the ability to digitally sign everything. It is no secret that improving ones technology can and will contribute to the efficiency of the economy. Determinant Of Us ply When reading about the determinant of supply this was very interesting to read about. The different one and what they actual mean. There was a list of them but they all had different meaning. There was one that was very interesting to read about was technology.

Technology is changing every day and they have to make sure that they keep up with the technology. By keeping up with the advancement in technology, this will allow them to be able to sell more good. That is why it is important for them to keep up with the advancement of technology. Another, one that was interesting to read about was producer expectation. If there is ever a change in future prices, it could affect the producers willingness to supply that product. The determinant of supply was interesting to read about and made explain very well what each of them mean.

Regulation of Monopoly The regulation of monopoly is usually done so by the government. It consists of natural monopolies which usually are your utilities such as electricity, water, natural gas, telephone providers, cable television and wireless communications. The government does this to protect the interests of the consumers. Monopolies can set prices higher than in competitive markets. The government can regulate these monopolies. If these natural monopolies re left unregulated, they will produce much less and charge a price much higher than what is socially optimal.

Shakespeare Sonnet essay

For this reason, one might argue that it is not possible to plausibly deduce that Shakespeare was homosexual or, perhaps, bisexual, but one could argue that the narrator of ‘Sonnet 20’ is not averse to homosexuality as he is part of the universe present in the poem. While it is not directly stated, the subject Of the sonnet is most likely male; something which can be inferred from the lines ‘And for a woman wert thou first created, / Till Nature as she wrought thee fell a-doting, / And by addition me of thee defeated, / By adding one thing to my purpose nothing. ‘. In this ease a-doting could have two separate meanings, although they ultimately led to the same end. For one, doting, as per the ODD, can be taken as meaning foolish or stupid, but it can also mean infatuated or extravagantly fond. One could then say that Nature’s sculpting of this woman led to her discovering she had made a mistake and then added the penis (or perhaps the adding of the penis was her mistake), or one could say that Nature became infatuated or lovesick with this woman, and then added a penis so that women could indulge in sexual pleasures with this creature of beauty.

This, in turn, binds anthropomorphic qualities to Nature, giving it not only the ability to experience feelings such as affection, but also making it female. As for ‘By adding one thing to my purpose nothing’, one could say that the narrator of the poem is referring to sex, as he is only interested in the subject’s love, and that the addition of the penis only added the possibility of sex; something which the narrator has no interest in. In other words, the narrator seeks the platonic love of the man, whereas Nature and women seek the sexual passion.

Furthermore, the narrator concedes in the couplet that while the use f the subjects love is for women’s pleasure, the platonic love of the subject can still be his. Whether this could imply a certain sense of homosexuality is up to the reader. It is also interesting to note the pun on prick in ‘But since she pricked thee out for women’s pleasure’2, as it can mean being appointed/ chosen when used as a verb but also be slang for the penis when used as a noun. ‘Sonnet 20’, however, is laced with ambiguity; something which makes it open to multiple interpretations.

One interesting interpretation can be found in Shakespearean Dramatic Meditations: An Experiment in Criticism, here the author, Giorgio Melancholic, discusses the singular and plural use Of woman within ‘Sonnet 20’, as well as stating that the real subject of the poem is man, a nucleus formed by the lines 7-8: ‘A man in hue all hues in his controlling, / Which steals men’s eyes and women’s souls amazed. ‘3; the words man and men appearing only in those two lines. Melancholic then states that the rest of the sonnet has the subject described and defined only by analogy and/or contrast with the opposite sex.

Here Melancholic explains that woman is associated with the show of the conventional emotional behavior f women, as well as their outward appearance and beauty; by contrast, women is associated with false appearances, strong implications of crude sensuality and stark sexual pleasures. Interestingly, ‘Sonnet 20’ exclusively uses feminine rhyme, as oft emphasis the femininity of the poem’s subject, which may or may not have been a deliberate choice. Given Shakespearean talent for writing with many subtle nuances, however, it seems rather plausible that it was a deliberate choice on his part.

Femininity is, indeed, heavily emphasized on the subject in the first two quatrains, as the subject is Ewing likened to a woman in almost every line. The ‘master mistress’ description could be interpreted in various ways: the mistress part could refer to the feminine appearance, and the master part could refer to the fact that the subject has a penis and is a man. It could be that Shakespeare was inspired or influenced by the Ancient Greek Aphrodite, a male Aphrodite who was celebrated in transvestite rites in Athens.

Aphrodite is generally portrayed as being a man with a feminine shape and wearing feminine clothing, but while still having his penis and in some cases a beard as well. It is thus possible to surmise that the subject is androgynous or a hermaphrodite. This could coincide with Nature’s a-doting being a mistake she had made, in the sense that she sculpted this man with the general appearance of a woman while still giving him the penis, thereby turning him into a hermaphrodite or an androgynous person.

Going by Giorgio Melancholic’s interpretation where the real subject of the poem is man, and can only be found in lines 7-?8, it is therefore also interesting to take into account one Of the various interpretations these two lines have been given: Oscar Wild’s worth story ‘The Portrait of Mr. W. H. ‘ describes the use of will, hue, hues and use throughout Shakespearean sonnets, where hue and hues are part of the lines that help form the nucleus in ‘Sonnet 20’ in Melancholic’s interpretation.

According to Oscar Wiled, Shakespeare routinely makes puns on will and hues to allude to a certain Willie Hughes; a boy-actor of great beauty who worked in Shakespearean company, who also played the female roles in many of his works, including but not limited to, Viola, Juliet, Portia and Cleopatra. 6 While it is not known if Wiled himself subscribed to this theory, his former over, Lord Alfred Douglas, has stated that Wiled did indeed believe it. 7 ‘A man in hue all hues in his controlling’ therefore opens up to several different interpretations regarding hue.

For one, it could refer to this boy-actor Willie Hughes, but at the same time also refer to his playing female roles. In the first edition of the sonnet, hues is spelt Hews, where the capitalization could be to turn the word into a premium, so as to refer to a name, which in this case could be Hughes. It should also be noted that hue, as per the ODD, could also mean appearance, shape or figure, which is fitting as this Willie Hughes is taking on the appearance of females as well. All appearances in his controlling; he can take on both the role of man and of woman.

An important thing to keep in mind, however, is that Willie Hughes has never been found to exist, but in ‘The Portrait of Mr. W. H’ it is stated that this is because Hughes abandoned Shakespearean company to play at a rival theatre, presumably in some of Chessman’s plays; something which Shakespeare apparently also made reference to in other later sonnets, an example being Sonnet 86′, lines 3-14: ‘But when your countenance filled up his line, / Then lacked I matter; that enfeebled mine. ‘. Here the first line refers to the beauty of Hughes giving life and adding charm to Chessman’s line, while the second line refers to the absence of Hughes in Shakespearean own line, something which translates into the quality of his own line diminishing: ‘that enfeebled mine’. One might say that Wild’s interpretation is taking puns slightly too far, but one is concurrently forced to concede that insofar as it can be ascertained, interpretations are highly subjective and thus nothing is entirely certain thin the interpretation world of poetry.

Identiying Risks Worksheet essay

Situation Hazards identified Risk value (1-5) Children aged 3-4 walking in local park, with adult ratio 1:8 Can fall in a pond f there is any Can get lost 3 Clearing and cleaning rooms used by patients in hospice Leaving dangerous substances out Leaving WI endows open 4 Initial visits to clients in their own homes to asses their needs Forgetting to turn the gas off after cooking Leaving hazardous chemicals around after cleaning their house such as beach Taking a group of adolescents to the cinema by minibus with adult ratio 2:14 If the minibus is too small it can cause breathing problems to the adults Can get lost on the way to the cinema

Taking delivery of and storing medical equipment in a nursing home Some medication can be left out If the equipment’s are not stored properly, residents can misuse them 3. 5 Making afternoon tea at a day centre that caters for adults with learning disabilities The adults can burn their tongues if the tea is given to them while it still hot They can spill it on themselves and also other people if they are assisted by an adult 3 Christmas shopping with a group of adults with physical disabilities Their wheelchair might get caught in between the lift doors

They might get lost 3. 9 Accompanying a 7-year-old child with autism on a routine visit to the dentist on the other side Of town, requiring two different bus trips each way Can get lost Person has autism, may find it hard to cope with the person and also the long journey.

Silvio Napoli At Schindler India essay

Silvia Annapolis Silvia Annapolis, a Harvard Business School graduate joined Schneider in 1994 as Head of corporate planning, reporting directly to CEO. Silvia had a chance to prove his worth to the company in 1995 with The Swatch Project. He was successfully able to develop a standardized elevator at considerably lower cost. He did this by sourcing many parts from outside suppliers and redesigning the supply chain which enabled them to cut industry’s standard cycle time in half.

India Plan Some of the reasoning given by the board why Annapolis was the right choice was, he developed the business plan which was approved by the board in edition he also had contacts with market experts and local consultants however most importantly the Board had trust in him. Annapolis India plan was simple, he wanted to sell 50 elevators in first year and break even after four years and generate double digit margins, to achieve this plan he wanted to focus on low rise segment as primary target and may pick up midribs segment as and when opportunity arises.

Low rise market was 35 % of elevator market and midribs was 14 %. He wanted to achieve this by selling only core standardized product (SOCIO ) with no possibility of customization for owe rise and SAPP for midribs segment. On the cost side, he wanted to keep cost down by outsourcing all manufacturing and logistics activities to local suppliers. Eight months into the operations he was facing major challenges as he had not sold even a single elevator and he was also facing challenges on cost escalations.

Let’s examine each challenge and give recommendation for improving them; Cost escalations: There were 2 main cost escalations Silvia was facing first one was increased customs duty by Indian customs from 22% to 56 % and Internal transfer pricing which was way above his initial cost situations. Recommendation: Although Silvia can do nothing about the import duty, he already has a right plan to fast track the outsourcing activities. For latter issue, he can influence as he knows exactly what the costs of manufacturing in plants worldwide are.

He should discuss this with VERA and ask for their support, it is imperative that he gets the parts from other plants at costs or at minimum at cost plus price. Delay in getting support: He was not getting support from his European counterparts in providing him design specifications and engineering support. Recommendation: Once again, this should be discussed with management and there should be clear direction from management in providing him all support.

As the India project had a lot of Strategic Importance for Schneider in developing economies this project should have a Top Priority. Outsourcing Strategy: Annapolis outsourcing strategy is not working as planned due to delay in support from European organization and no other elevator company following this strategy, which means that there are no manufacturers and supplier market at this time. Recommendation: Silvia should try to partner p with competitors like Otis, they are manufacturing units and maybe interested in providing the parts to Schneider.

Additionally, Schneider had a good partnership with ABLE in past; he should approach them to source some parts as they are well aware of Schneider products Brand Image: It is clear that Otis has excellent brand imagery which is by far exceeding any present elevator brands in India. Recommendation: Annapolis should focus on creating brand awareness through various marketing initiatives. Schneider holds excellent status worldwide as technology leader; he should use this to his advantage.

Marketing efforts can be achieved by Tech Brochures, targeted Seminars for the customer segment which Schneider knows is the key to their success (builders 60%) and as he has limited exposure to the Indian Business Culture he should involve a local PR firm tailor made to the Core customer Group. In these events it could also be beneficial to invite existing customers of Schneider from E & AP Markets to highlight the achievements of Schneider Service Centre: Service is one of the main components of profit.

At present Annapolis has not planned a service center. His agreement and plan with his mea is to have single point of contact and provide excellent service. Service is also most highly rated factor for reason for builders to buy certain elevators. Recommendation: Annapolis and his team should immediately start working on a service center concept, they should have service component ready as soon as they install first Elevator.

Management style: Annapolis is a direct and hard driving manager with strong European values is very directive and wants everything to be completed by short deadlines. Recommendation: Annapolis should understand the cultural difference between European way of working ND Indian way of working, He must change his management style to more supportive, and he should also consider cross cultural training for himself.

Team: Although Annapolis has selected a team of through professionals they are too diverse, His MD has a background of Hotel Industry, which is only 4 % and it is also highly customized industry. Also he has no knowledge about Elevator industry. Recommendation: Annapolis should ask the MD to learn more about Elevator industry, maybe send him for visits to European plants, which will enable him to understand things better. Annapolis should also invest in sales mea; this will help in getting additional customers.

The future of myself essay

Twenty years ago I was a young woman who was lack of self-esteem and tied to an Asian family custom where a child is inferior to their parents. So, when I graduated from a high school, although I plan for pursuing a nursing degree, I follow and Obey my parent’s demands to take a degree in religion major; in fact, they appointed a professor-who is a relative of ours-?to be involved in registering me in one of the best universities. I was not ready to confront my parents about my disagreement, so I took the class as my devout to my parents although I did not like it.

After graduating from the religion major, my parents were excited and celebrated the graduation with my university fellows. Although everyone was happy, I was left alone with no ambition to the career. Moved forward to work as a religion teacher for a primary level-?an occupation which was incompatible in the future-?and had no plan for greater achievement. If somebody asked my five year plan in an interview, I would only say to continue being a teacher in the school. I have no aspiration to get a further degree which can support my career better. My life was simple and modest.

Then, life suddenly changed, and I cannot control or predict what will be thrown in my way. In the next few years, I was married to an American man and traveled to the United States, which found different society from Asian. American regards to the upwardly mobile, outwardly wealthy, and ambitious person; consequently, I had a constant pressure on me to achieve more, and to be better than was right then. Could not find equivalent work in America, and wound up in a part-time retail associate position. If could take the nursing major that like before, I may end up in different situations.

If took my parents’ demand as a mere advice and stand for my own decision, I would have an equivalent degree here in the Elicited States. I filled my thoughts of imaginary words for my past. But the past had passed and I am living in the future now. Now, am a mature woman who tries to be the best version of my-self by reflecting back to my past and working on the best future by coming back to college and get what I dreamt with all my desires and ambition to get it. My younger self would tell my future self, “Mum, you are a grown up now, be confident with your decisions because the future is in your hand. ”

Kalashnikov Case Analysis Assignment essay

It had been a major part in the revolution over the last 50 years and mainstay in the armies of ore than 50 countries. The war was fought between the US along with UK against the soviets whose major weaponry at that time was the AK 47 rifle. The IIS along with UK lost the war and many American and British soldiers had died. Since that time, UK and US troops have very negative perception regarding this name either it is AK-47 or Salivations. The invention of Ak-47 was glinted by patriotism rather to kill.

Now, Mikhail Oscillation’s grandson Igor Ukrainians wanted to expand the brand globally with new products. It describes Sharkskin’s mission to work on a strategy for a new line Of everyday products that would become a global brand and bear his grandfather’s name. And then he started to launch Vodka adding the brand over that vodka. The main motto to launch over the brand name of Salivations is because he was so proud of the Salivations name, and his grandfather Ukrainians had been a man to hold in high esteem.

Inspired by the accomplishment of his grandfather, he wanted to protect and preserve the name and intellectual property to save and brand it. In 2003, Ukrainians and his grandfather founded joined stock vodka Company in the belief that odds is the perfect lead product which suits the achievement of Salivations. According to Ukrainians, he had a lot of perception and thoughts to add Salivations name over vodka which are pointed below: He had an idea to make a product bearing a name that is world famous.

And then he viewed Salivations Vodka as a spirit which shared during the World War II and kept the courage of a young Russian soldier during the miserable time. And then the business started to explore under the label Salivations Vodka, a name exclusively licensed to the firm, the business imported bottled and distributed Russian vodka as the ELK and Russia were united by the friendship borne out during the World War II against Nazism. Salivations was in the favor of the idea of drinking to friendship.

The product was reliable as the AK-47 and the product should equally be worthy of the fame of the gun as demanded by Salivations and thus those attributes are tried to transfer into products, using the both name Salivations and history. But the things were not easy as it started to launch in ELK. Salivations vodka took an attention and started facing controversy. Brand name vodka got a negative impact as it was compared with AK-47 rifle invented by General Salivations which it clearly related with bloodshed, killing and violence.

Apart from launching vodka, Slavishness brand image would be more effective if they attached to Machinery industry as it will suit an go with the brand equity. They have already had a joint venture with unnamed aerial vehicles (ALAS). Their main product here will be intelligence-gathering pillories airplanes, helicopters and rheostats. This case has the two faces in terms whether the brand name was good enough or not.

From the perception of Ukrainians, who wanted to save and hold the name in the future for his grandfather’s great history and also add the value of the product with the achievement of his grandfather but not with assault rifle AK-47. But from the perception in K, it wasn’t quite acceptable from them as they clearly relate the brand name with Assault rifle and its purpose which mean bloodshed, killing and violence. This case provides a compelling backdrop for discussion on brand-building, especially for an international market where the brand name should be positioned according to the insight and sentiments of I-J.

The brand element chosen for Salivations Vodka are Salivations, logo, image and signature of Salivations, Russian Vodka as slogan, and beautiful packaging as brand elements. Brand Elements Salivations Brand Element Selection Criteria Memorabilia Meaningfulness Likeability Transferability Adapt ability Practicability Brand Name Salivations High low Logo/symbol Outlines the peace and friendship along with outline of distillery under the soviet flag since 1947 Medium Medium Low URL

AN Character Slogan Russian Vodka Jingle Packaging Beautiful Crystal color bottle with black cap Medium/high The brand elements like Brand name, Logo, Slogan, and character are relevant and deliver what it intent to deliver while other brand element are not so powerful and discriminatory. The brand name: Salivations can be associated with strength, dependability of AK-47 and a symbol of freedom but the brand Salivations is associated with strength, peace, and friendship. And hence there is discrepancies between the Salivations and Salivations Vodka.

It is very difficult to associated Salivations with peace and friendship as he invented AK-47 rifle for battle. Similarly, the logo with laurel leaves to symbolize peace and friendship along with outline of distillery and flag of Soviet Russia is very relevant as the meaning of these symbols resonates with the brand meaning of Salivations Vodka. Likewise, the slogan is not very powerful as it just says Russian Vodka and doesn’t illustrates more about Salivations Vodka. Rather slogan like “Russian Vodka for friendship” would make the brand Salivations more illustrative and save it from unnecessary trouble.

Furthermore, the character of Salivations himself along with his signature illustrates the originality of the brand and makes the brand more reliable. The protest for ban of Salivations was due to the fact that the name Salivations was associated with the assault rifle AK-47. However, the image of Salivations himself and the vodka was strength, peace, and friendship. This distorted interpretation of Salivations Vodka should be sorted as soon as possible and Ukrainians should try to persuade by communicating the misinterpretation of the brand name.

First, he should be able to persuade people to interpret the meaning as it is and also Ukrainians should mass communicate the meaning of brand Salivations. And in worst case, if the ban protest continues than Salivations should negotiate for the minor changes that Salivations vodka can make in its brand elements for UK only but if they want the major change in brand element than Salivations should pull it outside of UK and concentrate more on the place where it is well perceived and welcomed. Recommendation Salivations Vodka should add more to its slogan so that the slogan also alps to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Michael Nostradamus essay

We all know about Nostradamus accurate predictions and his ability to heal people infected with the plague in the 1 6th century, but today we will go in depth to see who this man was and what made him so famous that after hundreds of year his work is still being published and sold all around the world. Credibility Step: After analyzing several books and web sites of the subject I was amazed to learn about the life and special gift this person possessed that allowed him to see glimpses of the future. Connect With the Audience: Why do you all think is important to learn about historical figures like John F.

Kennedy, Doll Hitler or even Michel Nostradamus. The answer is to be able to understand the past so we can use that knowledge and build a better tomorrow. Preview: Nostradamus was not only a great physician who eloped people fight a terrible disease called the plague he was also a great astronomer and mathematician. In this speech we are going to learn that he was a true hero of the 1 ass’s a time when people needed that hero to give them hope in fighting the diseases and infections of the sixteenth century. Grove, 2014) Ill Body Transition: Let’s begin by analyzing Michael Nostradamus early life A. Nostradamus Early life. L. Early and School Years 1. Michel Nostradamus was born in 1503 in a small French town called Saint- Remy-De-Provence in France. His parents were grain merchants, but early tidies suggest that Michel claimed his father and grandfather were physicians. His family was educated and well-respected among the community. It is also know that His grandfather was his earliest educator who found him to be a promising student (Grove, 2014) 2.

His school years started in the intellectual and cultural city of Avignon. His earliest subjects included grammar, rhetorical, logic, music, mathematics and astronomy. Nostradamus was an excellent student from the beginning he excelled in such classes as natural sciences and mathematics. It is well documented that his passion for he occult sciences and studies started at an early age while attending his first couple of years of school (Grove, 2014). II. Aspirations and Hobbies 1.

His early life started the same way every other boy starts. He was very passionate with asking questions on how things worked and the origin of such things as water and air. As a boy he loved to explore and find animals in the nearby forest. His grandfather was always intrigued on how he swallowed information about anything including the night skies (Bosses, 1 994) Transition: Now that finished analyzing Nostradamus earlier years lets analyze his university life and early healing. B. Later Years and Early Healing. I. University Time 1 .

During his first years of upper education he Nostradamus suffered two mayor setbacks. First one heaped in Avignon while attending his first year of college. Due to the sudden outbreak of the plague he the university was shut down for fear of spreading the disease in the classrooms. Secondly He then went on to another university of Montpellier and studied a doctorate in medicine but had to leave once they discovered he specialized in apothecary which was a trade that Was banned from the university (Bosses, 1994) . Medical Career and Early Healing 1.

In 1 524 he finally graduated Medical school and was involved with apothecary creating many remedies to control the spread of the plague. During this time he became a well-known healer among the community. Nostradamus received financial support from wealthy citizens in order to cure loved ones from the plague. During the next couple of years Nostradamus traveled all over France and Italy treating victims of the plague. His methods of treatment were aggressive and required patients to be clean ND isolated and a balance diet to make his treatment effective.

His cure rates were impressive and effective Ill. Marriage and Children. 1. In 1531 he met Henrietta danseuses which later that year he married. She bore him two sons but in 1533 tragedy struck him again this time his wife and both sons died of the plague. Nostradamus continued traveling until 1 547 when he met a young widow Anne Poniards whom he married and bore him six children. By 1550 he started writing an almanac which would consist of 1 ,DOD quatrains. Because of their popularity he went on to writing one almanac a year.

In 1555 he wrote perhaps the most important work of his life a book titled The Prophecies in which included the most important divination. By 1 568 three more updates of the book were made to add another 200 quatrains to the existing ones (Redford, 2012) Transition: Now that I finished analyzing Nostradamus earlier years lets analyze Nostradamus prophesies and death. L. Prophecies: C. Prophecies and Death of Nostradamus. 1 . Some scholars believe that Nostradamus visions started as he was in isolation when his wife and children died of the plague.

His most outstanding prophecy of the era was the correct prediction of Henry II dead in 1559. One thing for sure is that by 1 556 most of his prophecies were already written. His most important predictions were: The Challenger Disaster, The Collapse of the Twin Towers, Doll Hitler and the Nazis, The Death of Robert and John Kennedy. 2. Some prophecies that are written in his different volumes are yet too happened. The most important ones are the coming of the Anti-Christ, World War Ill and basically the end of our world as we know it or the apocalypse (Redford, 2012)

II. The Final Years and Death of Nostradamus: 1. His final years were spend helping Queen Catherine Medici Henrys widow protect her seven children. Although Nostradamus foretold that four of the children would be kings they all died at a very young age of their ruling. 2. Nostradamus died at the age of 63 in the city of Salon in France chronic illnesses he suffered throughout his life with the uric acid in his body. His death marked the beginning of a quest that has taken more than 500 years to validate.

His work as of today is still being published and people are more intrigue than ever to hear and learn what a French man wrote more than five centuries ago. Transition: Now that I finished analyzing Nostradamus prophecies and final years am going to conclude the speech with a brief conclusion. D. Conclusion: Nostradamus lived during a time of much suffering. His belief that he could make a difference clearly validated by helping strangers fight the plague. The death of his wife and children to this disease he was fighting forced him to go into isolation and write some events from the future.

Character comparison, piggy and jack essay

Jack and Piggy’s changes show it enough for any child to crack , in the novel Lord of the Flies by William Gilding. Jack and Piggy represent the change from civilization to savagery as they go through changes in physical appearance, personality, and morals and ethics while they are stranded on an island. Physically, Piggy’s and Jack’s appearances are very distinct and different. In the beginning of the book, Piggy is described as overweight, short, and asthmatic. He wears thick glasses and a greasy windbreaker. He is Often made fun Of for his weight and poor eyesight, hence the nickname “Piggy’.

Later in chapter four, when all the boys’ hair gro was longer and becomes dirty, it is said that Piggy’s hair does not grow: “He was the only boy on the island hose hair never seemed to grow. The rest were stockholder, but Piggy s ha r still lay in wisps over his head as though baldness were his natural state and this empire etc covering would soon go, like the velvet on a young stags antlers” (64). Piggy’s hair not g rowing IS thought to represent rules not changing, staying short and not growing as if h e were still in civilization and his hair had to be neat.

Jack’s physical appearance seems hard re and more mean looking than Piggy’s round, helpless appearance. Jack IS described as . Thin and bony; and his hair was red beneath the black cap. His face was crumpled and freckled, and ugly without silliness. Out of this face stared two light blue eyes, frustrated no w, and turning, or ready to turn, to anger” (20) Later in the book, Jack’s hair gets unruly and long and he paints his face for hunting. This is to characterize his descent into savagery, juju SST as Piggy’s hair not growing represents how he stays close to civilization and rules.

His ha IR grows long and dirty from neglect and not washing, and face painting is not a tolerated the inning in usual society. His face mask represents him hiding his old civilized self, and become nag a savage, a monster, and breaking away from the molds that society and civilization had c dated. Jack’s and Piggy’s appearances correspond to their personalities in a way that Piggy is overlooked, and Jack is mean but still dollied. Jack is very demanding, which h is clear in the beginning of the book. Jack states to the group when demanding to be chief “II ought to be chief, because I’m chapter chorister and head boy. Can sing C sharp”(22).

Seal gussy also plays a part in Jack’s personality. When Ralph is elected as chief, despite Jack’s demands, it later shows that Jack is haughty and doesn’t want to follow under Rally’s rule s, and branches of into his own tribe where he leads. Jack can also be described as egotistical, rule, prehistory, but stonewalled. Jack was a born leader, but in his case, he lead s by force and is seen as abusive, as he slaps and punches Piggy, or gouges pigs. He become s more savage throughout each chapter, starting with getting the boys carried away n the hunt and chanting and abusing the pig instead of just killing it.

His savagery is finally pr oven when he gets too carried away, and he kills Simon. Jack represents the complete loss o f civilization and rationalization, and the plummet from humanity into savagery. Piggy, on the other hand, is completely different from Jack, although the two do have similarities. Piggy i often not given any attention and is overlooked, but he demands to be heard. He is strop instilled, like Jack, in the way he fights for the conch and his voice to be heard. He is annoy inning to the group, but his intelligence does come in handy.

He is definitely more of a follow were, but he does have great ideas, just nobody pays attention! When Jack, Piggy, and Ralph h had a disagreement about if Piggy would hunt the beast or not, and Jack got angry a ND said they don’t need the conch and told Piggy to shut up, Piggy eventually lost his confine dance in what he was going to say. Gilding describes him sitting down, infuriated, but not s caking finding himself uncomfortably embroiled, slid the conch to Rally’s knees and sat down-The silence grew oppressive and Piggy held his breath” (102).

He will so empties speak his mind if he grows angry or concerned enough, but other times he falls sill NT after people ignore to criticize him and just listens to others insult him and goes along, be cause to him its not worth the while if they’re not listening. In the middle of the book, there is an air of confidence that inside both their heads, they both think they could be better traders than Ralph, or have better Ideas than him, but Jack’s confidence and Piggy’s selfless consciousness ND Selfridges create a gap between the two and how Jack decides to act on hi s thoughts.

So in some ways, they are very much alike, but their morals and beliefs cause them to clash together and not get along. Piggy’s morals throughout the book are static, as he never goes through sign vacant changes, while Jack’s morals go through slight changes from the beginning to the end. Piggy’s always been by Rally’s side, his beliefs the same. Piggy shows compass Soon to the “Littleton” more than others, and believes in the rules Of civilization and order. In the moments where he met Ralph, he frequently references his aunt, and references to out r civilization.

Piggy’s glasses specifically represent hope of being found, as his glasses starts d the fire in hopes of signaling a rescue ship. And even later in the book, Piggy references to being rescued, he says to Ralph (165) “We got to get out of this. ” “What duo mean? ” “Get rescued. ” for the first time that day, and despite the crowding blackness, Ralph snigger. “I mean it”, whispered Piggy. “if we don’t get home soon we’ll be baa army” Even when it seems absolutely hopeless, Piggy still brings up being rescued.

Even Ia term, right before his death, he brings up points to the boys when his voice is finally hear d,(1 80) ” Which s better To have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill? ” He just wants to get home safely, and everyone to get along. When he got killed and the conch was crushed to piece s with him, it symbolizes the official downfall of civilization on the island, of all the rules bee nag broken and shattered, symbolizing anything could happen from that point on. Jack others sis completely embodies chaos and savagery.

He lives for the hunt and completely immerses himself in killing a hog. He becomes so obsessed hunting, it corrupts his mind and his moral compass, so that in his mind everything is hunt, then kill. Piggy points out that Jacks blob thirst has become the top of his priorities. (70) “You and your blood, Jack Murdered! You and your hunting! We might have gone home” ShoWs how Jack’s rights and wrongs only have to do with hunting, as he thought it was k to let the fire out, if he was hunting. Ho waver, Jack’s character changes from the beginning.

At first, he couldn’t even kill a pig, give n the opportunity. The island changes him, in a way that he needed to prove whims If worthy of being a chief. He thinks that the group would reconsider their choice and let h IM be chief, and he thinks that killing a pig will make them do it. His jealousy fuels him toward his savagery, until finally hunting is the only thing on his mind. Then he becomes chief of hi s own tribe, and hunting pigs isn’t enough, he needs to kill. His morals are if you’re hunting, i?s acceptable.

If they kill, it’s k, because it’s just hunting. Jack and Piggy’s morals point in opposite directions, but that doesn’t mean the eye can’t have similarities in personalities. Their traits are both very obvious in the boo k, but the changes in physical appearance, personalities, and morals and ethics in Piggy and Jack may not be. Jack, throughout the book becomes more rugged and savage, changing g from proper to improper. Piggy stays mainly the same, always the annoying one, an outcast t, but still offering ideas to the good Of a group.

Abuse Booklet essay

Physical abuse can be carried out at any time and by anyone and is not through the fault of the person that is being abused. No one has the right to hurt another person, they will know exactly what they are doing and also that it is wrong. There are many signs of physical abuse which can sometimes leave you with obvious markings such as: Punching Slapping Pinch ins Kicking Biting Burning Strangling Other type of physical abuse can include: Spitting Hair pulling Dragging by arms or legs Shaking Suffocating Drowning Being left in wet pads, wet bedding etc. Being tied up or to an object -? bed, chair etc.

Being denied food, fluids and medication Swallowing of items against your will – medication, food etc. Any form of forceful behavior and bullying At times, there may be objects used to physically abuse others: Assistance Rope Water Iron Any object that can be thrown or used to cause fear or harm A person being subjected to physical abuse may Become fretful and/or fearful when a particular person appears Not want to be left on their own and get upset when you are due to leave React to actions and/or sounds – someone being noisy or waving their arms about when talking, loud bangs, shouting etc.

Hide themselves away from others until cuts, bruises etc. Have healed Make excuses about how they received the cuts, bruises etc. Contract skin breakdown from being left in wet pads, bedding etc. Become unkempt in their appearance Have fractured/broken bones Their persona may also change if they are being denied medication, food and fluids and may also show signs of malnutrition and dehydration; severe weight loss, bad skin condition etc. ND medical issues; depression, hallucinations, infection, severe pain etc. And suffer from the original symptoms relating to medication being prescribed initially. There will be any more signs that are too long to list individually, but in general these are the most obvious signs to look for in relation to physical abuse being carried out and some of the signs that could make you realism ‘something is wrong. This will set you in good stead for highlighting any issues you feel are ‘not usual’ to that individual.

It is your duty to be attentive to each and every client and learn their needs, personalities and their ‘funny ways’ in order to protect them should something arise that is ‘not their usual self’. The more you get to know the person the easier it is to understand them and know if something isn’t right. Sexual Abuse Sexual abuse is any form of sexual contact or a sex act enforced onto a person without their consent, either male or female.

This may be carried out with body parts or other objects. This behavior is criminal and is not the fault of the abused. Penetration – vaginal, anal or oral Touch – stroking, rubbing, groping etc. , whether fully clothed or naked Carrying out sexual acts in front of the person – masturbation, striping and intentionally showing genitalia Using the abused person’s body to enhance a sexual act – masturbation, rubbing of their sexual organs against the other person etc.

Someone who is being subjected to sexual abuse may Become very agitated when a particular person appears Become very quiet, isolated, depressed or want to be with another person at all times Refuse any personal care – showering, washing, bathing etc. Show signs of infection, abrasion or soreness in their genital area Not sleep at night or will insist on sleeping with a light on You may also notice blooded sheets, underwear etc. Which could be a sign of forced penetration.

Not all victims react in the same way, some will try to cover up and take the blame themselves whereas others will openly talk about ‘the crime’ and report it immediately. It is your duty to listen, remember, report. Emotional/Psychological Abuse Emotional and/or psychological abuse can be extremely difficult to detect unless you know the person and their ways, as there is little or no evidence of harm being done to the person; cuts, bruising etc.

It is more about their feelings, behavior and emotions in general, which is carried out on a one to one, byway of mental abuse causing the victim to feel traumatized, lacking in self-worth, dignity and having no individual identity. There are many ways to emotionally or psychologically abuse a person, which includes: Harassment hooting, swearing, bickering, annoying etc. Verbal assault -? name calling being rude about the individual Humiliation – making a person feel ashamed and having no pride in themselves; fat, thin, ugly, big ears, heartless, cold, unlovable etc.

Intimidation – causing fear to another by way of threat Exclusion/Neglect – being left out, ignored and not attended to when required Confinement and/or false imprisonment Dominance – having the upper hand at all times, forceful behavior Denial/ Lies – the abuser denies carrying out such abuse and switches the blame onto he abused Such abuse can lead to: Suicide Depression/Anxiety Guilt/Confusion Low self-esteem Mental and physical exhaustion Isolation/Receptiveness Post-traumatic stress disorder Fearfulness – of people, animals, objects etc. Ђ? depending of what they are being threatened with Isolation/Receptiveness Self-neglect and changes in behavior Loss/Fear of sleep Because the abuser can turn the situation around the abused will be left fearing that it is their fault that such circumstances arose in the first instance. This will then be repeated over and over leaving the abused to feel that they re the one causing such issues and will take the blame every time something is said or done.

Eventually the abused will become so weak to the abuser that they will become compliant to every aspect of their wants and needs and have no life of their own, but at the same time being used as a ‘punch bag’ in regard to verbal threats and humiliation, intimidation and harassment and many other dominant aspects leading them to total negativity to life itself, believing that this is how it is and that there is no other life beyond. Financial Abuse Financial abuse is theft of money and/or property.

This can be carried out by way of an open back door, a bank card or family member who has the Power of Attorney to gain money from a bank account, taking loose change from around the house or by a contractor claiming the roof needs repairs. If money or items are being taken it is financial abuse and is illegal. Signs Of financial abuse: Money or items are missing Obtaining Power of Attorney by deception Obtaining property deeds by deception Contractor deception -? money for property repairs etc. To carried out or excessively overcharged Care deception – not carrying out Career duties, living here by deception Cashing cheeses, pensions and benefits etc. Telephone scams If the abused has realized that things aren’t quite right regarding their money and/or possessions you may find them Continually looking for a particular thing or things – jewelry, ornaments etc. Show signs of fretting when particular people visit and wonder where they are all the time Carry their purse, bag, wallet etc. Everywhere they go Keep asking about money and question if you know how much they have Become worried that the roofing man (or any other contractor) keeps coming back You may also notice Bills piling up unpaid Letters from the bank Telephone no longer rings Electricity or Gas may be cut off Theft can be by anyone from a family member, friends, neighbors, the local handy-man, Social Care Staff, telephone banking fraud, internet banking fraud, a ‘new friend’ or a break-in.

Sadly, in today’s world, no one is safe, especially the vulnerable and the elderly, therefore we need to be alert to be able to protect these people. Institutional Abuse Institution abuse is carried out in any residential property where care is offered to the vulnerable, ill and elderly who require assistance to maintain heir health and welfare. Abuse can be in a Nursing Home, Care Home, Hospital, Residential Home and/or other properties where care is required and the instate itself is the abuser and not an individual member of staff.

Lack of choice – food, drink etc. , Lack of flexibility – up at 6, breakfast 6. 30 etc. Lack of privacy – expected to sit in lounge all day, not use your room Lack of personal hygiene – bath/shower if and when staff have time Lack of medical assistance -? meds given at their times, not yours Isolation -? visiting hours, not able to go out without permission etc. Failing of individuality – treated the same as everyone else – no choice for dcore in rooms, religion, beliefs etc. Unhygienic environment People feel that once they have ‘moved into’ any type of institutional property they have become a number rather than a name as they have to eat, drink, sleep and take their medication at the same time as everyone else. They become concerned that they are no longer an individual who can think for themselves and become just another ‘one in the system’. They show signs of: Depression Anxiety Loss of independence Loss of privacy Loss of choice Loss of personality

Loss of flexibility Loss of visitors and feeling abandoned Loss of sociability Loss of religion and beliefs Continuing needs of reassurance. There may also be inappropriate confinement and restrictions due to lack of staff, especially with aspects such as toileting and medical procedures regarding catheters, blood tests etc. , lack of stimulation and exercise etc. Via exercise classes, craft mornings, bingo, dominoes etc. , coffee mornings, hairdresser and barber visits, therapy groups such as massage and speech. Some institutional properties are also decorated throughout with no thought f the individual residents.

One color is used throughout the building, with no option to decorate your own room, bring your own furniture etc. , therefore every room looks the same so if you suffer from memory issues you may forget where you are or where you were going as everywhere looks the same!! There may be no option to enjoy or be involved in their religion or beliefs or be able to carry on visiting the local clubs that they went to prior to becoming a resident in the institution due to transport, lack of staff to attend with the person wanting to attend etc.

Self-Neglect The lifestyle a person allows themselves to become adapted to living in, in regard to their health and welfare. Poor hygiene Poor nutrition Poor living conditions Poor health conditions poor financial management This can lead to a person living in very bad conditions, sometimes squalor, not eating properly and being financially inept. This may leave them With depression and possibly other mental health issues Dirty due to lack of washing themselves or their clothing, brushing their hair, teeth etc. Leaving them very disheveled and most probably smelly Underweight due to poor nutrition and not eating properly, if at all Living in or, dirty conditions or even squalor Living with undiagnosed health issues/illness or not using medication correctly Poor financial management due to lack of financial support or funds These circumstances may be avoidable with the correct assistance from professional health staff; Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Doctor, Social Care Workers etc.

Neglect By Others An individual in need of care requires adequate provision to enable their health, safety and welfare in their home, care setting and local environment. Whether intentional or unintentional, if an individual is not provided for by a Social Care Worker or other Health Care Professional this is neglect by others. This relates to all of their needs; food, fluids, medication, hygiene, welfare within the home and surrounding environment.

Medication management Nutrition management Hygiene management Property and environment management If the individual is not correctly cared for and all needs substantiated this could lead to: Poor and/or worsening health, hospitalizing or fatality Malnutrition and dehydration leading to poor health, hospitalizing or fatality poor hygiene could cause skin breakdown, the individual would be mealy and dirty and could suffer from infection and bacterial growth Their property could become dirty and untidy which could cause trips and falls, infestation from insects/rodents, bacterial growth and/or infections to themselves and others again leading to poor health, hospitalizing or fatality Staying within the property at all times could lead to depression, isolation and other mental health issues leaving the individual prone to other health issues and lack of self-preservation The Correct Actions to Take If You Suspect an Individual Is Being Abused If you suspect any form of abuse you must act immediately without raising any suspicion to the abused or the abuser, if you are aware of that person. Stay calm and offer support to the individual, prompting them to tell you if they so wish. Promote confidentiality and let them tell you, do not question them as they may become suspicious and refuse to say anything. Listen carefully to what they say as they may offer information that gives evidence of abuse without realizing what they have said.

Ensure that the individual is aware tattoo must report any changes in their behavior and/or appearance as your duty of care to them and that the following conversations you have will e kept private and confidential with your Care Manager or Registered Manager, as you have to follow the correct Company Policies in this regard. At the time of reporting any suspicions you will be asked to complete a written report describing Why you are suspicious – cuts, bruises, behavioral changes etc. What, if anything has been said to you to make you believe that this is the truth, using their words and how they said it -? through tears, with gritted teeth, whether they were physically shaking etc.

Produce evidence, if possible – photographs, copies of letters etc. Depending on the type of abuse Report the truth and facts only- do not add your own ‘bits’ or exaggerate as this may allow the abuser to ‘get off if the truth has been ‘stretched’. This will now be left with the Management to decide whether they will need to monitor the individual on a regular (per call/daily) basis via other staff visiting the individual or whether this is a case to be immediately reported to ICQ and or the Police. The Correct Actions to Take If an Individual Tells You They Are Being Abused It is your duty of care to protect them from that moment and ensure that they are fully aware of your full support in this regard.

At this time Do stay calm and attentive, offering physical support if required, such as holding their hand or allowing them a shoulder to cry on Don’t show your own emotions or offer your own opinions Do assure them that they have done the right thing by informing you and that you will support them throughout their ordeal Don’t let them feel that they are on their own and shouldn’t have said anything or let them think you don’t believe what they have told you Do ensure that the individual is safe from the alleged abuser and you are in a private, secure area where others cannot hear any of the conversation Don’t allow the legged abuser access to the victim or their property Do let the individual talk for as long as it takes to provide you with full information regarding the abuse, even if it means they repeat themselves.

This gives you more time to take in all the details and to gain as much information as is necessary, if possible make notes of dates, times, details given etc. Don’t ask questions whilst they are talking as this can take them away from necessary information needed to glean all the information required Do make sure they are aware that although this is confidential it must be reported to your Care or Registered Manager and that they will need to make a report themselves in this regard Don’t allow this conversation to go any further than the individual, yourself and the Manager of your choice that received your report If there is any evidence of abuse; sexual – soiled clothing or sheets etc. , break-in; condition of property – financial; bank statements etc. Where possible take photographs and log all information possible Don’t touch or remove anything that is evident to the claim being made and don’t log any of this information in the Care Plan as this can be accessed by the abuser if they are a family ember or friend to the individual The National Policies, Local & Organizational Systems That Set Out Requirements For Safeguarding Individuals National Policies Care Quality Commission -? monitoring of all social care providers to ensure safeguarding to all vulnerable adults No secrets Act 2000 – protection for vulnerable adults Care standards Act 2000 – to establish a National Care Standards Commission Human Rights Act 1998 – to safeguard everyone’s rights in life Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 Criminal Records Bureau – to safeguard all vulnerable adults by way of staff certification Local & Organizational Systems

Independent Safeguarding Authority (SIS) runs a Vetting & Barring Scheme Safeguarding Adults Boards – safeguarding policies and procedures for vulnerable adults Police – to safeguard all vulnerable adults and ensure any abuse is investigated MIND – Mental Health Support Group Housing teams – housing allocations Social Workers – can help with assisting vulnerable adults to find help through groups, therapy sessions etc. Advocacy groups – pressure groups, campaign groups etc. Who can protect and advise anyone who requires assistance The Roles of Different Agencies & Professionals That Are Involved In Safeguarding Individuals Social Care Workers – all care staff members are responsible for the safeguarding of individuals and must report to management if there are any suspicions or positive proof of abuse etc.

Home Care Agencies -every agency has a responsibility to act on any reports from care staff regarding safeguarding individuals ICQ – Regulate and inspect care agencies, Gaps and doctors, hospitals, clinics, community based and mental health services etc. IRAQI – The Regulations and Quality Improvement Authority – carry out inspections of care, nursing and residential homes to ensure correct policies ND procedures are carried out to safeguard all residents. Disclosure & Barring Service (previously Independent Safeguarding Authority and Criminal Records Bureaus) safeguarding and protecting vulnerable persons prior to employment by use of CRY checks and conviction data Social Care Professionals – Gaps, hospital Doctors, Nurses and A&E staff can examine for signs of abuse, diagnose, record and report – they can make use of x-rays, MR. and CT scans etc.