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His courage can be en when he takes the forfeit for Barbara, or when he jumps in to save his mum from Felines bashing and the worst of all, going to the most dangerous place possible to save Fillips from the hole. Amanita conveys Missile’s courage in many different ways in his difficult situations which also lead him to what could be death at the end Of the road. His compassion and natural sense of what is right and wrong are sure guides, despite his age, and fears. Michele draws upon a naive but heroic sense of right and wrong as he accepts responsibilities.

His humanity overwhelms his fears. Missile’s group of friends aren’t what you would call a healthy and nice one especially when it comes to Barbara and her punishments. Though the one who always had to cop it the worst was Barbara “… The lamb that took away the sins… ” For the group. As always the kids had a competition and with Barbara as last she’s left to do the punishment of pulling down her pants. Michele struggles to fight with himself in the situation knowing that whatever he does will end up turning bad anyways.

If he barges into the punishment he could get one just as worse or worse than Barber’s. Though one possibility which was haunting enough just thinking about it was he could’ve been kicked out of the group by skull for objecting. Skull had a temper which made Michelle risk even bigger seemingly because all the kids in the small town were in the group. In the end Michelle inner courage and the little hint of courage builds up the conclusion that doing the punishment will save him from looking at what’s under her pants .

Standing up for Barbara in the forfeit despite being afraid of skull brings Michele a new obstacle in life which will sake him think taking the forfeit was as simple as blinking. Michelle courage gets him into big trouble when he gets caught going to Fillips by Feline which destroys the peace of Aqua Traverse even more. Michele ends up getting caught and is frozen when he finds Feline looking back at him from atop the hole. Feline brings Michele home to where Feline goes crazy And tries to hit both of them when his mum tries to protect Michele.

For a while both mother and son go strong but the 2 just break down and don’t know what to do. Michele gets scared and tries to cower down. His mind is lost but then when his mum is hit he realizes that it’s not the time to just stand there, he has to get every bit of strength in him left so he goes in to try save his mother by “[jumping]… On him and to throttle “. In this case anything could happen they both could die if Feline dost hold back. Michele just has to take the chance and go for it because nothings better than trying. Loyalty, bravery and determination bring Michele and Fillips together continuously.

Michele keeps going to visit Fillips even though at the start he as pretty scared of what was down the hole but curiosity got the better of him in the end. They meet together a lot and get to know each other while Michele also finds about the problem around Fillips. After his father forbids Michele from seeing Fillips Michele tries to forget him but the worry never disappears from his mind. Though straightaway after hearing out that Fillips was going to be moved away Michele righteous thoughts bring him to try everything to help save Fillips.

He ventures out in the dark to the scary house here the eating pigs are and the whole time mainly just worries about where Fillips could be. He betrays his dad and heads out. When he finds Fillips he also ends up hearing the Other grown ups coming at the same time but he stays until even the very last minute even though he knows he can get caught. He also ends up jumping into the hole to get Fillips out. There was a chance or possibility that Michele not have enough time to get out and run away but he too, the chance navy’s just to give Fillips another chance.

In the end Michele is the one getting shot because no one in the whole town as smart enough to put their human nature before money. Michele goes through a lot of difficulties throughout the story because none of the others could think any better. Michelle courage and bravery helped him to overcome obstacles in the most correct way possible. Sometimes they didn’t end up right because the others around him just couldn’t cooperate properly. Amanita does give a lot of examples which help to show that Michele is someone with a lot of courage and can go through obstacles that stand before him by trying to do what’s right.

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The chapter concluded with the delimitation of this stud and the outline of following chapters. 1. 1 Background Of Study In Malaysia, small and medium enterprises (Seems) have a significant contribute ion to the economy. Seems in Malaysia represented approximately of 99. 2% of businesses s and contributing 32% of the nation’s gross domestic product (Effendi, Taliban, & Rain, 2011). The c intrusions of Seems to the nation’s gross domestic product will transform Malaysia into a high henchmen and knowledgeable economy.

According to Dates Hash Hashish’s new definition n, Seems are estimated to represent more than 98% Of the total business establishments in the country, marred with 97. 3 based on the earlier definition used in the Economic Cent us 2011 (urn Wing Hoi, 2014). Seems are playing important roles in reducing the rate of UN employment in Malaysia because it provides a large capacity of jobs to the public. SEEM sector is the largest provider of employment where it provides about of job opportunities an d contributes to 32% of Malaysia’s GAP and 19% of exports (Iceman, 2014).

Inventory management has become one of the main components in develop Eng their competitiveness for their survival in the market. Inventory management is an activity that used to maintain the optimum amount of each type of inventory item. The objective o f inventory management is to determine and maintain the optimum level of investment i n inventories which help in achieving the required objective (Amandine, Hussy’s & Sad, n. D. ). It plays an important role in controlling the materials and goods that stored for later use or in exec anger activities (Diadems and Salami, 2010).

The American Production and Inventory Control society (APICES) had defined the inventory management as the branch of business manage NT concerned with planning and controlling inventories (ABA & Gong 2008). The main purpose if inventory management is to minimize the total cost of inventory, on the other hand, ma zinging the ability to provide customers with product in timely manner. An effective inventory management is able to maintain sufficient goods for a s motto sales operation.

The effectiveness of inventory management is measured by how successful a company is at reducing its inventory investment, and meeting its customer SE revive goals. Effective inventory management determined how profit of an organization ca n be maximized and thus maximizing the profit depends on minimizing cost and maximizing r venue Bedraggled, Adenoma, Baits & Danna, 201 1). Besides that, it can minimize e the carrying cost and time, control the investment in inventories and keep it at optimum Ii vela.

A right approach to the inventory management can produce dramatic benefits in cuss toner service with lower inventory, whether there is a complex company network (Amandine et al. , n. D. ). With a proper and effective management in inventories, an organization is able to m et the fulfillment expectations and thus improving the customer service. 1. 2 Problem Statement A company may need an effective inventory flow to generate profits. It has be mom a challenge for the most of the company to manage its inventories.

Inventory m management is required at different locations within a facility or within multiple locations of a supply network to protect the regular and planned course of production against the random disturbance of running out of materials or goods (Bedraggled et al. , 2011). Most of the co many faced the problem with lack of visibility in inventories due to inefficient inventory man cement process. Managers do not know exactly what is on hand, where it is located and when i twill be replenished and thus inefficient inventory management to occur.

The inventory control is one of the most neglected management areas in Sam II firms (ABA et al. , 2008). An ineffective inventory management will lead to a stock out and thus cause loss of customer, which make the profits of business decrease. Inventory problems o f too great or too small quantities on hand can cause business failures (Diadems et al. , 2010). M any small firms have incurred excessive cost to accumulate inventories to sit for a long period because of slack inventory management or inability to control the inventory efficiently (ABA et al. , 2008).

A poor inventory management will have a big impact on a company’s cash flow. With out any kind of inventory control of raw materials in process and finished product, the comma NY may have alveolus production, high inventory costs and therefore higher financial co SST (Peanuts, 201 1). According to Devastate and Mood (2011 there is several numbers Of problem ms that cause problem in inventory management and some of the problems happen more frequently than others. One of the common problems is unqualified employees in charge of i inventory, which do not have enough experience and training in distribution of inventory.

Besides, the processes used are not wide enough and some companies’ uses unpractical business plan for their future. 1. 3 Research Question Based on the problem statement, a few questions have been formed: What inventory management practices applied to improve inventory management in selected SEEM? How much quantity to order for maintains the overall stock coordination in efficient way? 1. 4 Research Objective The study is conducted to fulfill the following objectives: To identify current practice used by the SEEM in Parity Raja. To suggest ideas to manage the inventory level of the company. 1.

Scope and Area of Study This research paper discussed about improving the inventory management for SEEM in Parity Raja. A small and medium enterprise in parity Raja will be selected for the research. The primary data will be obtained using interview to get the information about the particular company’s inventory management. 1. 6 Significance of Study The importance of this study is generally for the small and medium enterprises, customers and students. A. Small and medium enterprises This study can help Seems to understand the importance and effects of an effective inventory management towards the performance and overall cash flow of the company.

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Safe & Secure We use the latest encryption technology and security procedures to always protect customers’ personal data. We also protect their privacy by not renting or selling their name or personal information to any third parties. We will also never send customers [email protected] marketing emails without their permission. However, the way of convincing our prospective customers to purchase on our site is a very tough challenge. How can we prove our services’ quality to customers? And, how we can get repeat customers? These are questions that we have to carefully consider. 3. Marketing strategies

K-B[email protected] is going to use the most feasible marketing strategies to reach our customers in E-commerce market. Build a presence on social media platforms For example, there are many KOP fan pages established already on Faceable. Therefore, there will be a great opportunity to meet customer demands online. We do not view Faceable as an advertising venue, however, we consider its related group pages as a way to establish our expertise by proving the newest information with respect to music industry. “Once you establish yourself in the community, place a tactful signature link to your site. Andrew, 2012) Ask for links from Entertainment company Once a singer or a band group plans on releasing public their single or album CD/DVD, their official site usually has a “Where to buy’ or “Retailer section. Our responsibility is to try to persuade them to list us as a trusted retailer on the site. In addition to this, it also helps to have a few testimonials on our site to increase their confidence that we will be a quality source for customers. 4. E-Commerce Business Model: Typical business model in e-commerce market: Retailer model.

We try to ring the entertainment company and consumers together via the Internet. [email protected] simply creates a website that cover a variety image and information of music CD/DVD products. All of these are heading to be published in the music industry market at the most recent time, or in coming days or months. There are 6 steps for customers buying a product from [email protected] [email protected] list items in our web shop Customers create account; validate the account via email; and confirm phone number Customers purchase the products by paying online or at home [email protected] contact with the entertain moment company for ordering CD/DVD’s K-

Boxes delivers products to customer’s location Collect payment Collecting payment is the end-up step of selling processes which is our competitive advantage. [email protected] have a desire to satisfy our customers at a great condition because we does not force our customers purchasing products and make a payment simultaneously. We understand our target customers are loyal fans whose age are very young, so probably they do not have a credit card/master card. We encourage our customers paying at home as they get their desirable products. 5.

E-Commerce Revenue Model Typical revenue model product sales A revenue model determines how [email protected] makes money and how the store functions. A well thought out model can mean the difference between success and failure. Because of understanding the important role of revenue models, so [email protected] had indicated our revenue models: product sales. In the e-commerce market, at the very first stages, we plays a role as a retailer. From this, we can get the benefits which called wholesale price. Our suppliers are entertainment companies whose singers releasing music CD/DVD albums initially.

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Criteria reference: To achieve the criteria the evidence submitted must show that the candidate is able to: Task number: Outline how an organization motivate its employees up Explain how organizations obtain the co-operation Of their employees 4 VIA Compare the use of motivation theories in an organization 2 Del Suggest, with justification, ways of improving motivation in an organizational setting 3 Candidate’s declaration: hereby certify that the work I have submitted for this assignment is entirely my own. Candidate’s name:

Candidate’s signature: Approved assignment internally verified by: Angier Hardwood 12/09/14 Declaration date: Scenario Using your research from assignment one you will need to explore the ways in which your organization seeks to gain commitment from its employees. Using relevant theories and current practice analyses effectiveness of the HER management processes involved. Task One – UP -? Table (Deadline 31 March 2015 – pm) Using your research from assignment one on your chosen organization, consider how they motivate employees and compare the theories of motivation with: Moscow

Taylor Mayo Herbert Reward Systems Performance related-pay Company vehicles Pension schemes Loans/advances Profit Shari Eng Childcare Employee share options School fees Mortgage Subsidies Corporate clothes Relocation fees Staff discounts Bonuses Flexible working Health care Extended parental leave Career breaks Cafeteria incentive schemes Using the sheet provided, Consider and complete the rewards systems for your chosen organization. Think about the above theories and how your organization follow these.

Relate the reward systems to the appropriate theories. For example Description of Theorist and what theories they use Consider how your organization motivates employees and compare the theories of motivation Consider reward systems by your organization and how they work 1 Moscow (personal and social nature of motivation) Physiological, Safety and security, Love and belonging, Self esteem, Self Actualization Supervisors, Line managers and Managers They all use these theories, what do they do and how do they apply these theories.

How is motivation and salary related. What rewards do your organization offer that relate to these theories 2 Taylor (scientific Management) etc Example: Taylor theories were implemented by Ford This task must be produced as a table – provided already Task Two – MM – Report (Deadline 14 April 201 5 pm- no extension) Organizations use reward systems because they believe it works in motivating employees. Using your chosen organization, explain why they choose certain particular approaches to motivation.

Relate and link this information to your UP table to help you report this in detail. (You must compare how different theories of motivation contribute to the techniques used for employee motivation In an organization. The wage earned by a team member at McDonald’s is motivating in itself because it offers a reasonably well-paid hourly rate for a 16 or 17 year old student. When you belong to a crew or team it recognizes a person’s social need of belonging to a group.

However, managing a branch is not necessarily paid well, but has associated status and is motivating and stimulating to do this). The information in this report will be used to aid Del . This task must be produced as a Report. Task Three – Del -? Report (Deadline 21 April 2015 -? no extension) From your findings and research in UP and MM, produce a report showing ideas of how your organization could improve or develop the motivational techniques and reward system they use.

They may already use motivational techniques and reward systems which are already working very well. Think about any way that these could be developed further in order to remain a good motivating tool. For example, in your organization, some of the motivational techniques may be annual leave period, or benefits to you and family or team support and spirit, or even discount -? What could be done to keep these motivational quenches a strength (what could we do to retain employee interest).

On the other hand – what would happen if holidays are reduced or if there is a pay freeze – how motivated are staff in your organization from this and what could be done to improve this. Your information has to be detailed and drawn from facts and research above. Task Four -? UP – Group Discussion (6 May 201 5 Deadline with research notes and discussion taken place also) You have to prepare for a group discussion (the groups will be decided by your tutor).

In order to prepare for your discussion you need to research and understand what contracts of employment are stipulated for your chosen organization and how adherence to a contract can be managed there also. In your discussion consider: Contractual obligations Disciple nary measures Schemes Culture of the organization-create & maintain Community links-sponsoring Open style of management Ensure you bring supporting notes, copies of articles, case-studies journals, newspaper cuttings etc to support your research. These will need to be scanned and submit on model. A witness statement will be prepared for this.

Organisation Chart essay

The reason why I have chosen the NASH is because believe the NASH is a tall hierarchy and they would have many people in charge to make sure that the service and health care they provide is up to mark. Apple Organizational Structure Apple’s organizational structure is flat as it only has three levels of hierarchy as shown above. It looks like as if the structure is based around the functions as each department has its own person in charge and it all links back to the CEO and the Board of Directors.

By being a flat structure it means that the Board of Directors and the CEO don’t have to reach their hand out to far as its al small so they can talk directly to the people they want and more people will be reporting back to them. Also by having a flat structure it means the chain of commands would be more effective as they WOUld be talking to less people and whatever message or command the B. O. D and the CEO give it would be heard clearly and understood clearly.

Also Apple is a matrix team meaning that each department helps each other to achieve a final product so you would need designs but you would need to know the appropriate hardware to make the design achievable. A Functional structure is when the business structure is based around the efferent functions in the business and the different function departments of the business. For example in the chart above it shows that there are eleven Department heads which report back to the B. O.

D and the CEO and they are in charge of the specific role of the department and how the department functions to help the organization. Under the Heads of Departments are the people who are in charge of smaller groups so for example the Apple online store which needs designers and engineers to keep it running and they would have people who report back to them and give them suggestions which goes jack to the Head of Departments which can discuss it to the B. O. D and the CEO to see how they can change the way they function to make it more effective.

The advantages of having a flat structure is that there are less managers to report to or people in charge, it would be easier to talk straight to the CEO or the directors of the organization. This is important because if a problem does arise then the directors or the CEO will find it easier to find the source of the situation and can ask the employees directly to find a solution or how the problem can be avoided. The disadvantages of having a flat structure is that you have to make all of the important decisions which may be right or wrong for the company and the responsibility will only be yours.

Along with this another disadvantage of having a flat structure is that you would have to manage different departments ad different projects all at the same time which can be quite stressful and sometimes if you slip up then that can cause a serious problem for the business as well as the staff. NASH Organizational Chart The NASH organizational Structure is a flat structure as it Only has three levels f hierarchy as you can see above. This means that there are less people to talk to when or if there is a problem within the company.

It seems as if the company’s structure is based around the service they provide to their consumer and customers for example they each have a different department for each service and product they provide as shown above. By having a flat structure it means that the staff and the people who are the heads of the departments can talk directly to the board in case there is a problem or if they need more funding and equipment to be able to provide their service and product.

Another benefit of having a flat structure would be that the chain Of commands would be more effective as there are not many people to travel through to get something done it would go directly to the heads or through the directors of the departments. Another point is that the NASH is a matrix team as each department helps another department with either helping a patient or finding a suitable treatment and medicine which would be right for the state of the customer or consumer.

A product structure is when the businesses structure is based around the product and service they provide and manufacture for the customers and the nonusers. As you can see in the organization chart above each service has its own department so there is a department for the services provided for children, women and families and then under that are directors which take care the service department for each category.

The reason why believe that a product structure is good for the NASH is because they provide different types of health care and for them to function properly they have to be designated in different departments which would work together and the NASH has done that by categorizing the different services and then they give strong leaders who they know can take charge of he departments so that the business stays strong and united.

By having a flat structure means the span of control is more wider for the Board of Directors as they can talk directly to the heads of departments and through the heads the staff can talk directly to the B. O. D in case there is a problem or if there are any new job opportunities which the staff might like to apply for. By having less people to talk through the business can find and solve problems quicker and more efficiently. The main advantage of having a flat structure is the level of hierarchy, the span of control and the chain of commands.

All of these are very important in a business as it shows what type of structure the business requires to be successful. By having a flat structure it enables the B. O. D to talk directly to the staff and find Ways in which they can improve their way of working So that the customers and consumers along with the staff stay happy. The chin of commands is a big benefit of having a flat structure as you can talk directly to the person you want to and there would be less confusion for the message which may be passed down.

The disadvantages of having a flat structure is that along with the heads of he departments you are responsible for making big decisions whether they are right or wrong and that can affect the business in a good or in a bad way depending on the decision made. Along with that it brings a lot of stress as you would have to look after the departments and see what is going wrong and how you can rectify the mistakes as well as you have to try and keep the staff happy as well as the customers and consumers happy.

Strategy, aims and objectives The aims / mission statement of Apple Inc is ‘TO sell quality products in order to maximize the profits gained for the company. This probably is an aim which is followed by many companies in the private sector as the main reason why people have businesses in the private sector is to gain as much profits as quickly as they can. Another aim for Apple Inc is ‘To grow big enough to become the leading technology company for as long as they are open’.

This again is another aim for a business in any sector because the bigger they are the more customers they would receive meaning they would get more funding and more profits which would help to maximize the company even more. The objectives of Apple Inc are; To expand their sales to customers who have not yet own any Apple’s products. ‘ ‘Become the leading business in the mobile market. ‘ ‘To produce hassle free products that provides service and enjoyment for customers. ‘ SMART is an acronym which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed.

These Objectives in my opinion are not fully SMART but they are realistic, specific and achievable however I think that these objectives aren’t measured nor they are timed. It is important for objectives to be SMART as they help to priorities work as well as it helps to monitor the regress the company is making and to see how far they are to actually achieve their aim. Along with this it helps to show what achievements the staff has made during the process of reaching the aim of the company. Keeping’s things SMART helps to keep the staff focused on what’s important and what has to be done in order to attain the aim.

It makes achieving objectives realistic and in a timely manner. Believe a Functional structure is a more effective way for achieving aims and objectives as each department has an objective in which they help to make the product as well as they work together with other departments in order to sake or produce the product which is taking them a step closer in achieving the big aim which is to ‘Sell quality products in order to maximize the profits gained’ and, ‘Grow big enough to become the leading technology company for as long as they are open’.

Another way in which the structure helps to meet the aims and objectives is by having a flat structure which enables the CEO and the Board of Directors to talk directly with the staff to see how much progress has been made and also they can talk to them to know how they can improve the way they work in order to achieve the aim faster as well as provide quality products to the customers so that they don’t have to back track and repair or redevelop a product which is faulty or does not function properly either physically or technically.

The aims / mission statement of The NASH are too; ‘Provide efficient and effective services, affordable to the people in charge and desirable to patients and referring clinicians. ‘- This aim is a universal aim for all companies in the public sector as their main purpose is to provide affordable and efficient services by either making no profit or suffering a loss. ‘Develop collaborative and consultative research partnerships with patients, areas and the public. ‘Ensure staffs are enabled to provide safe, effective and high quality patient care. ‘ ‘Achieve a sustainable financial surplus. ‘- This aim is not as common in public sectors businesses as they don’t usually run their businesses to make profits however the NASH aim to make profits so that they can invest or fund more researches and more into equipment so that they can provide a good health care for their patients and families linked to them. Improve the environment for patients and staff, to improve ease of access for patients and visitors and to develop the Trust’s estate to give optimal infuriation of essence. ‘ The objectives of The NASH are too; ‘Be the major specialist service provider for the population of Bristol & the South West region. ‘ ‘Provide additional services for the local population. ‘ ‘Support the principle of local access wherever possible. ‘ ‘Provide services which are quick and easy to access and provide an excellent patient experience. ‘Deliver services to the highest standards. ‘ believe that these objectives are not SMART as they are not time-orientated. It is important to have objectives which are time-orientated so you know how such and how far you have progressed and if you don’t time the objectives for example ‘multiplying the number of patients by 20% before 2016’ then you would be chasing the same objective slower and not as efficient and you would be using more resources to achieve the objectives and it makes the distance to the aims longer.

On the other hand, These objectives are Specific meaning they tell you what has to be done in order to achieve the objectives, they are Measurable meaning that they are set for a limited number of people or a certain area of the country which they want to target to achieve the objectives. These objectives are also achievable as the NASH does work with the local and the local government to achieve the best health care and the best environment for the patients so that they return to the NASH and carry on getting treatment by paying their taxes.

They also have centers which keep the people clean from unhealthy activities. Finally I think that they are realistic as they are not big objectives they are small and are able to be worked towards. Believe a structure based around the company’s product and services is very important and is a good choice for the NASH as their main goal is to provide lath care for either free or for a small fee and in order to actually provide a good quality service all departments would have to work together in sync to provide the service the advertise.

Also I believe that having a structure based around the product and services they provide is good as each department would be planning and designing ways on how to develop a service for example when researching for medicines or developing medicines the research team would find out what resources or materials are required to make the medicine then the manufacturing team would make the medicine ND then the testing department would test the medicine for any side effects or even if it is useable by the customers and if it all k then they get certified and sold to the public.

Evaluating the influence Of stakeholder on aims and objectives The stakeholders of NASH are the people in charge, customers, employees, suppliers, reviewers, consumers and competitors. The people in charge are people who pay the NASH to keep their service running, for example the people’s taxes funds the NASH through the Government. The People in charge are the Board of Directors who looks after the whole team in the NASH and hey make the big decisions linked to location, new staff and funding from the government.

Suppliers The suppliers are the people who provide the company with equipment and materials at a reasonable price so that they can produce the product and services to their customers and consumers. The suppliers are people who just provide equipment to the company and want the company to make enough money so that they can receive their full payments on time and this effects the main aim of the NASH which is to provide quality health care at affordable price meaning that the NASH don’t work to make a profit they just work on heir service to be the best quality and effective to their customers.

If the suppliers achieve their aim which is to make as much profit as they can then the NASH would have to start increasing the price of their services and products so that they can meet up with the payments of the suppliers which mean that they would not be achieving their main goal of providing affordable or free health care to tax payers.

The likely response from the NASH would be to ignore the fact they should increase their prices for their services and products as they would then be working at making a profit and find other says such as more funding from external companies as well as more funding from the national government to help them make the necessary payments. Think that the suppliers are not right as they are in charge of providing quality reliable materials to the NASH and if the NASH has made the effort in past tense to make full payments on time then the suppliers should trust the NASH and give an extension if they are struggling to make payments.

A way of solving this problem would be that the suppliers setup a monthly or a yearly payment scheme where the NASH would pay a full amount which may include interest at the end of the period set or at the end of a calendar month which would help the NASH to raise more funds and the suppliers would be getting paid full their full amount. Employees The employees are the staffs which work for and with the NASH to provide the best health care for its patients and families.

The staffs works for the NASH so that they can help people and the locals with anything related to health care or personal treatment for their customers and the employees would only work if they get paid appropriately. Recently in the news there was a case here nurses were not getting paid enough or weren’t getting raises in their wages and went on strike until the NASH helped to achieve their requests.

War horse essay

The book tells the story through Joeys eyes, and the movie cannot do this, so in order to see Joeys affections ND opinions like what he thinks of the war and the people he meets on the way, it has to be shown through the eyes of Joey’s actions and different screen shots. The four main scenes and characters that have been changed because of this reason are Urdu and Karl (German Soldiers), Albert as a front line soldier, when only one tank comes for Joey, and Joeys reunion with Albert. Firstly, the two German boys, Urdu and Karl get expanded in the movie, from the novel.

In the novel Urdu and Karl are mentioned on only two pages briefly, when they are impresses with Joey. You don’t get much more information bout them, whereas in the movie they are major characters of the story. It shows Urdu being taken to fight in the front line, but Karl doesn’t want Urdu doesn’t to go, so he gets Joey and Typhoon to save Urdu from having to go. Then it leads on to showing them hiding in the windmill and then they are found by the officers, which leads to them being shot, as they were traitors.

There was more emphases in the movie about Urdu and Karl, because it shows the love towards Joey from the German side, so the viewer doesn’t favor one side. In the novel you can understand this because Joey is telling he reader, whereas the movie has expanded the role of Urdu and Karl so that the viewer can understand both side of British and German. Secondly, Albert, as a front line soldier is completely different because in the novel Albert in the veterinary corps and cares for injured horses. This is how Albert finds Joey, but in the movie, Albert is a front line soldier showing how terrible the war was.

Having Albert as a front line soldier, gets the viewer interested. Suspense makes Albert a hero and shows what it was like to be in battle in World War 1 . This helps the viewer to understand what was going on round that period of time, and what it was like for young soldiers and horses to be in World War 1 on the front line. Whereas if Albert had been working in veterinary corps for the movie you wouldn’t have got Joeys opinion, so the viewer could have thought Albert wasn’t as heroic and wouldn’t have built a stronger passion for Albert Another point is, when the one tank comes for Joey.

In the novel four tanks come for Joey, and Joey didn’t get trapped, he just ran across fields whereas in the movie there was only one tank coming for Joey, and he did get trapped by the tank due to that he didn’t have the ability to jump. This explains how Joey gets trapped in No Mans Land, but both the novel and the movie do this in different ways. Joey getting trapped builds suspense, affection towards Joey and makes a hero of Joey.

You don’t know what Joey’s thoughts are, the way Joey gets trapped, we think he isn’t going to get free, shows how scared he was of the motorized tank, that the poor horse from rural Devon would never have seen before. It shows a lot of action that the book didn’t have, because the book had explanation of what Joey was thin king and what others thought. Astray, there is Joeys reunion with Albert. In the novel, Albert and Joey find ACH other in the veterinary corps after Joey has been rescued from No Man’s Land.

Whereas in the movie Albert and Joey meet at the dressing station, where Albert was being treated after he was blinded from the gas. The way Albert finds Joey is by calling him with the owl whistle that Albert taught Joey at the farm at the very start Of the movie. If it wasn’t Albert hadn’t whistled at that critical point, Joey would have been shot, by the soldier. The soldier didn’t believe Albert that it was his horse, so to prove it Albert ordered them to clean his four hooves and the section between his two eyes.

This shows the rue strong relationship bungee Albert and Joey and how much they meant to each other. It shows that they knew each other, and loved each other, even when Albert was blind and couldn’t see Joey, he could still feel his presents. It rounds up the tragedy of the story, saying all they had been through they were still there for one another. In the novel Joey explains how much Albert means to him, so the movie had to change to show how much Albert meant to Joey, and how that’s all Joey had been wanting, and the only way they were going to get better, was with one another.

The novel War Horse by Michael Morgue, explains all Joeys feelings. The movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, has to show Joeys feelings but through outrageous actions, and massive changes in the movie, which at the same time, the viewers are more interested, and fall in love with both Joey and Albert. Both the movie and the novel are extremely interesting but just have to be expressed differently to get the same outcome. GOOD scenes, characters and narrative point Of view compared to the novel.

The biggest difference be;en the novel and the movie, which affects the way it has been displayed, is because the movie has to show affection and Joey’s battle in World War 1. This helps the viewer to understand what was going on Another point is, when the one tank comes for Joey. In the novel four tanks come for Joey, and Joey didn’t get trapped, he just ran across fields whereas in the movie there was only one tank coming for Joey, and he did get trapped by the tank due to that he didn’t have the ability to jump.

This explains how Joey gets trapped in ML, but both the novel and the movie do this in different ways. Joey getting trapped builds suspense, affection towards Joey and makes a hero of Joey. You don’t know what Joeys thoughts are, the way Joey gets trapped, we think he isn’t going to get free, wows how scared he was of the motorized tank, that the poor horse from rural Devon would never have seen before. It shows a lot of action that the book didn’t have, because the book had explanation of what Joey was thinking and what others thought. Lastly, there is Joeys reunion with Albert.

In the novel, Albert and Joey find at the farm at the very start of the movie. If it wasn’t Albert hadn’t whistled at that critical point, Joey would have been shot, by the soldier. The soldier didn’t believe Albert that it was his horse, so to prove it Albert ordered them to clean his four hooves and the section between his two eyes. This shows the true strong relationship between Albert and Joey and how much they meant to each other. It shows that they knew each other, and loved each Other, even when Albert was blind and couldn’t see Joey, he could still feel his presents.

It rounds up the tragedy of the story, saying all they had been through they were still there for one another. In the novel Joey explains how much Albert means to him, so the movie had to change to show how much Albert meant to Joey, and how that’s all Joey had been wanting, and the only way they were going to get better, was with one another. Note Sheet War Horse is novel by Michael Morgue has been adapted into movie, directed by Steven Spielberg. When book became movie, in order to make movie successful were some significant changes scenes, characters and narrative point of view compared to novel.

Biggest difference between novel and movie, which affects way it has been displayed, is because movie has to show affection and Joeys opinions, without him saying so. Book tells story through Joey’s eyes, and movie cannot, so in order to see Joey’s affections and opinions like what he thinks Of war and people meets on way, has to be hon. through eyes of Joeys actions and different screen shots. Four main scenes and characters that have been changed because of this reason are Urdu and Karl (German Soldiers), Albert as front line soldier, only one tank comes for Joey, and Joeys reunion with Albert.

Firstly, two German boys, Urdu and Karl get expanded in movie, from novel. In novel Urdu and Karl are mentioned on only two pages briefly, when they impressed Joey. You don’t more information about them, whereas in movie are major characters of story. Shows Urdu being taken fight in front line, Karl doesn’t want Urdu to go, gets Joey and Typhoon to save Urdu from having to go. Leads on to showing them hiding in windmill and they are found by officers, which leads to them being shot, they were traitors. More emphases in movie about Urdu and Karl, shows love towards Joey from German side, so viewer doesn’t favor one side.

Novel you can understand because Joey is telling reader, whereas movie has expanded role of Urdu and Karl so that viewer can understand both side of British and German. Secondly, Albert, as front line soldier completely different because novel Albert in veterinary corps and Cares for injured horses. How Albert finds Joey, but in movie, Albert is a front line soldier showing how terrible war was. Albert as front line soldier, gets viewer interested. Suspense makes Albert hero and shows what was like to be in battle in World War 1.

Helps viewer to understand what going on around period of time, what it was like for young soldiers and horses be in World War 1 on front line. If Albert been working in veterinary corps for movie you wouldn’t have Joeys opinion, so viewer could have thought Albert wasn’t as heroic and wouldn’t have built stronger passion for Albert. Another point is, when one tank comes Joey. Novel four tanks come for Joey, and Joey didn’t get trapped, just ran across Leeds whereas in movie there was only one tank coming for Joey, did get trapped by tank due couldn’t jump.

Explains Joey gets trapped in ML, but both novel and movie do in different ways. Joey trapped builds suspense, affection and makes a hero of Joey. Don’t know Joeys thoughts are, way Joey gets trapped, think isn’t going to get free, shows scared he was of motorized tank, poor horse from rural Devon would never have seen before. Shows a lot of action that book didn’t have, because book had explanation of Joey was Joey’s reunion with Albert. In novel, Albert and Joey find each in veterinary’ corps after Joey has been rescued from ML. Whereas in movie Albert and Joey meet at dressing station, Albert was treated after he blinded from gas.

Albert finds Joey is by calling him with owl whistle that Albert taught Joey at farm at very start of movie. Wasn’t Albert hadn’t whistled at that point, Joey been shot, by soldier. Soldier didn’t believe Albert that it his horse, so to prove it Albert ordered clean four hooves and section between his two eyes. Shows true strong relationship between Albert and Joey and how much they meant to each other. Shows they knew each other, loved each other, even when Albert was blind couldn’t see Joey, could still feel presents. It rounds up raggedy of story, had been through were still there for one another.

Banyan Tree Holdings Risk Analysis essay

How much risk an organization assumes-?either knowingly or unwittingly-? plays a large part in whether that uncertain future outcome actually improves or worsens the organization’s position. It is therefore crucial for an organization to define and determine its Risk tolerance levels since it will help the organization make major decisions based on what has determined to be acceptable risk. So in order to determine risk tolerance for Banyan Tree, the organization needs to look at outcome measures of its key objectives.

Based on the company’s performance and growth strategy over the past years (up to 2006), below is one possible way the organization could have defined the outcome measures or some of its key objectives for the Banyan Tree expansion project: Revenue Growth – Based on the strategy of investing revenues generated by property sales (with a stunning 254% growth – ASSAM in 2005 to s$MOM in 2006) to fund the expansion project, target an estimated revenue growth of in 2007 Market Share – Establish a market share of 1% in their growing Chinese property sector to catch up with market leading firm China Vance Global Expansion target -? By 201 0, expand the company’s footprint to 81 locations in 29 countries from 44 location in 20 countries Property Sales – Target property sales in six countries by 201 2 starting from repertory sales in one country post PIP in 2006 Earnings per share – Earnings per share to be S$O. 002 by IQ 2007 Risk tolerance of an organization can be explained as the extent of the ability or willingness to lose in monetary terms.

Based on the above identified key objectives, and looking at Banyan Tree’s revenues and growth from 2003 to 2007, an example can be as below: Considering a target revenue growth of 26% in 2007 (from AS 335. MM in 2006 to S$MOM in 2007), the company can tolerate a range of revenue growth percentages between 15% and 30%. The company does not have the tolerance for risks that will put its revenue Roth below 15%. Another example can be with respect to its property sales target. Since income from property sales is the primary strategy behind its expansion, the company would not have the tolerance for risks (political instability, foreign ownership laws, government restrictions etc. ) that will stunt its expansion to fewer than 3 countries, for instance.

Overall, upon studying the data provided in the case study and a few external sources, the company seems to have a Moderate (on a scale of Very Low/Low/Moderate/ High) level of risk tolerance given that their net revenue ranged from S$172. MM in 2003 to S$421. MM in 2007 down to S$313. MM in 2009 and up again to S$338. M in 2012. It is important to note that while their strategy of investing revenues generated from their soaring property sales paid off in a big way in boosting profits between 2006-2007 (S$335. MM to S$421. 9), the same strategy back fired during the economic downturn of 2008-2009 when revenues plunged by 24% to S$305. MM in 2010.

The company however sprang back into their game with their Hotel Investment & Fee based business segments generating the much needed profits. 2. Develop a list of the risks of his strategy. Assess the impact and probability of each risk, and graph each on the Risk Impact/Probability Chart. 3. For medium-level and critical risks, identify a response strategy and contingency plan. Probability c Very High 2 High 3 Medium x 4 Low 5 Very Low Impact of Risk Below is the list of risks identified for this strategy: 1 . Cell DO (High) Risk: Intense competition There can be intense competition from established giants in the luxury resort market while undertaking expansion. There are numerous luxury resorts offering the same magical combination of nature, spa and wellness.

This old open up more options to the customers putting Banyan Tree at risk in losing potential revenue Response Strategy: Mitigate Using Banyan Tree’s competitive advantage with its unique designing and branding that incorporates the local cultural elements of a location, in order to provide a strong sense of culture, harmony, calmness, romance and luxury to the customer, the company can benefit from a strategic plan to joint venture with three-star Michelin Restaurant owner Pierre Gainer. This will be a first in the high-end luxury resort market with the celebrity chef restaurant providing a completely unique and ultimately romantic dining experience for the guests. This is very much in line with their corporate strategy of targeting the niche market with wealthiest affluent families. Contingency plan If the above response strategy does not work out, the restaurant will need to cash in on its strengths such as its Corporate Social Responsibility policy which is much stronger than that of its competitors and will help the brand gain some much needed media coverage and word of mouth.

Barriers in cross essay

Barriers in cross-culture communications in multinational company Introduction In times of rapid growth, both in terms of economic development and globalization, number of firms extend their businesses abroad is increasing. A subsequent challenge of this development is the managerial implications of cross-cultural management. Main body The “High Six” company. Problem and Research. The “High Six” company is medium-sized company with about 200 employees, and it is one Of the famous companies in office appliance manufacture industry in Europe with home country in Netherlands. High Six” owns several absurdity companies in other countries, one of which is in India. This Indian branch is located in Deli which is one of the fastest developing regions in India has about 400 employees. And it was a state-owned factory and had a good reputation in office appliance industry. Back in 1998, when this Holland company bought 51 % share of this company, it became a joint venture with this Holland company. And later in 2002, Indian subsidiary was totally bought out by the Holland company and became a subsidiary of the latter. At the beginning of expanding into Asian market the forecast was extremely high.

But last researches showed that our expectations are not justified. Following the logic, the company investigated the reasons low performance. Being seriously concerned decrease in profits they employed specialists in cross cultural communication. Cross cultural management mainly focuses on the behavior of people from different culture working together as a group or an organization. Most of cross-cultural management study aims at dealing with the issue of organizational behavior, such as leadership style, motivational approaches, strategy, organizational structure.

Specially hired people interviewed managers ( Research and Development manager, Technical and Production manager, and Quality Control manager, who are all Holland) in Holland parent company and two managers (Research and Development manager and Assistant manager of Vice President, both of them are Indian) in Indian subsidiary. For Holland managers English language was used. For Indian ones Hindi was employed, in order to have a better understanding of each other. All of three Holland managers have been in India and cooperated with Indian subsidiary company’s managers and employees for many times.

Therefore, they have seen and experienced the differences and difficulties during the cross-cultural management. The Indian R manager is one of the most experienced managers who have worked in the company for many years, he has sufficient information about company’s history and status quo, and he contacts frequently with Holland parent company. In the meantime, the Indian assistant manager works closely with Vice President (who is a Holland) of Indian subsidiary company. Therefore, he has more possibilities in contacting with Holland company and observing the Swedish management.

Rest Its of Researches Based on known researches in cross-cultural communication specialists from “High Six” company concluded that main problem is in different kinds of cultures. As it is known there are two kinds of cultures: organizational culture and national culture, which differs when it comes to values and practice. Values come from the experience of life, in other words, one’s value comes from family and school in the early year of his/her life. While practices come from social experience: working. The differences in national culture lie in values rather than practice.

While, in organizational level, culture differences appear mostly in practice rather than value. In our case Holland is representative of organizational culture, while India present national culture. Following from this point we can identify main aspects of differences between these cultures: Low vs.. High Power Distance Individualism vs.. Collectivism Masculinity vs.. Femininity Low vs.. High Power Distance Power distance is the extent to which the less powerful members of institutions and organizations within a company expect and accept that power is distributed.

In Holland with low power distance, the authority is distributed within the organization. Superiors are dependent on subordinates as consultation on a limited extent. Therefore the emotional distance between them is relatively small: it is quite easy and pleasant for subordinates to approach and contact their superiors. However, in India With high power distance, power is always centralized within the leading people. Individualism pertains to societies in which the ties between individuals are loose: everyone is expected to look after himself or herself and his or her immediate family.

Collectivism as its opposite pertains to societies in which people from birth onwards are integrated into strong, cohesive in groups, which throughout people’s lifetime continue to protect them in exchange for unquestioning loyalty. Power distance and Individualism tend to be negatively correlated: larger power distance countries are likely to be more collectivist, small power distance countries are more individualist. When the authority is distributed, people are likely to be individualist. When the authority is centralized people is likely to be collectivist. Thus, India is more electrostatics and Holland is more individualistic.

Masculinity vs.. Femininity Masculinity and femininity means the extent of how the society views the role of male and female. Researches show that India is “masculinity’ society, where people are more competitive, assertive, and ambitious. While in Holland is more “femininity’ culture relationships and quality of life are more valuable. Managers in masculine cultures are assertive decision-makers. They believe in facts rather than group discussions. Feminine managers are “intuitive rather than decisive for consensus” and they listen to the suggestions of the groups.

Power distance Individualism Masculinity India 80 20 55 Holland 31 71 5 Matrix Of culture’s influence on communication between India and Holland Solution The best solution of communicating multinational company is to reach a mutual understanding between a parent company and subsidiary, which depends on mutual learning and mutual adaptation- in multi-culture management perspective. On the basis of conducted investigation the company “High Six” focused on the development of cross-cultural management, organizing special lectures, training and taking special assure for erase the boundaries between cultures as much as possible.

Writing assignment essay

As the story goes through Stave’s journey, I think the counselor learned a lot from the student. In the story, it states that Steve has a personal goal in mind that he just wanted to be normal. The counselor on the other hand wanted to help Steve through any issues he might be having. But I don’t think the counselor quite understood Stave’s frustration until the part of the story was shared where Steven started too struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. Steve took it upon his self during the schools winter break to check himself into a local outpatient group at a local hospital during the break.

The counselor then recalls getting a phone call from a psychiatrist. That in which the psychiatrist Stave’s condition and his struggle with depression. I believe this was a turning point for the counselor because he started to understand the struggles Steve has had to face due to some of his disabilities. He stated to Steve “Seems every doctor you run into is hell bent on telling you want you are not going to be able to do it. Sake it you didn’t tell her about your near- death experience and choosing the longer and more difficult path? ‘ I felt as if that statement showed he was able to finally connect with the student on their level.

That he understands that most of the doctors that have evaluated Steve have always tried to get him to cope with his illness. Think this really changed Stave’s view on his school counselor trust and understanding. I feel that when I have the opportunity to get into the field, I’m sure that most people will change me the same way Steve change the counselor. In this field, o have to abide by the book and rely on what you learned in the school as a foundation. But I feel in order to be successful in any aspects of this career field you will only be as successful as you want to be.

What I mean by this, Is you have to be open minded and learn to listen to others. Not every person you deal with on a daily bases will be the same; they may have similar problems but different paths. Think that Stave’s relationship went down a positive path with his counselor once he realized that the counselor understood what Stave’s ultimate goal was and how he copes with his motions towards his disabilities. In the end, I think that Steve did benefit from their relationship because he was able to take in the counselor advice and graduate in his career of choice.

Part B: Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals When working the human service field, it is a very interesting and challenging job. The idea of this field is to practice in a setting of a variety of clients and help them through their problems. The main goal of a human service worker is to serve humanity by helping others overcome any issues they be battling. Their job is to assess the nature of the problem and help their client develop a plan that can help that address their problem.

A successful human service worker follows the Human Services ethical standards in order to improve other’s lives on a personal and social level. After reading over the Human Service ethical standards, I feel that statement one really grasps my interest in getting into the field and really outlines this career field is all about. Statement 1 states “Human Services professionals negotiate with clients the purpose, goals, and nature of the helping relationship prior to its onset as ell as inform clients of the limitation of the proposed relationship. When reference part one of our assignment, see how important the role of the counselor really was to Steve. In order for the counselor to be able to understand Stave’s problems, he needed to be set up goals and start to grow a positive relationship with his client. I think it is very important for anyone getting into human service field to understand and take in the values of Human Seen,’ice ethical standards guidelines. It does just what it says in the title, it is a guideline.

Spice Research Essay essay

Side Effects of Spice Use” http://superconductivity’s. Org/psychotherapeutics/ B. Some of the chemicals found in spice are being created to imitate the effects ETC like elevated mood, altered perception, and relaxation. Druggists: K/Spice (“Synthetic Marijuana”)” http://www. Drugless. Gob/publications/druggists/ k2spicesyntheticmarijuana C. One of many synthetic cannabises are being found in some products, even Phenomena, prescription drug, is found in them. “What Is Spice? The Facts On Synthetic Weed” http://superconductivity’s. Rig/whitecaps/ Spice is known to give pleasant “natural” psychotropic effects just like marijuana an does but also has many negative intense effects, some even resulting in death. A. When inhaled, it gives people a high that makes them feel like everything is a dream, or as if they’re in a cartoon. B. Some of the long term effects include psychotic episodes, hallucinations, dysphasia, severe paranoia, and delusions. “Signs and Symptoms of Spice Abuse’ http://www. Narration. Rig/Drugless/competitiveness. HTML C.

Uncontrolled/ spastic body movements, increased agitation, seizures, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, vomiting, pale skin, and profuse sweating are some of short term effects. “Auspices http://www. Druggie. Org/druggie/spice/ Spice, also known as “fake pot” or “synthetic marijuana,” is a highly addictive d when inhaled or ingested. In just a few months this year, thousands and/ or more young adults are being emitted into hospitals and poison control centers, all complain inning Of the same symptoms such as, vomiting, hard time breathing, heart attacks, an d some even going into a coma.

There are hundreds of families trying to bring spice t people’s attention, to prevent other families from losing their loved ones, shoo wing people what can happen if this drug is not banned. This drug needs to be stop peed, hundreds of middle and high schooled, young adults, and adults are dying or being addicted because “it’s a better high than marijuana,” its not found in drug test s, and it’s easy access.